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Thread: Earlstoke deer park

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    Earlstoke deer park

    Click image for larger version. 

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    So, I saw Sika, red, and fallow. Did I miss any? Seems there might have been an axis/chital in one of the pictures.


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    correct there are reds,white fallow and japanese sika in the pics
    i'm pretty sure they're formosan sika the one's you believe are axis/chital
    please correct me if i'm wrong...
    there is a lovely formosan sika stag in the park just not in the pictures i'm afraid
    which would also go with what i believe to be formosan sika hinds in the picture

    so formosan sika or axis/chital ??
    would be interesting to find out for my own knowledge.

    all the best

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    Not knowing anything about the park itself
    But from my own judgement, They look pretty much like axis to me mixed in with the sika
    pic 10 shows a nice axis stag also in it
    shame you never took a few better ones of that

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    nice bunches of deer but would be better with decent camera,imsuffering from a hangover

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    Secretstalker.308 - Sika are Cervus sp., and chital are Axis axis (axis deer). Therefore, I am fairly confident that they are considered different species. The chital has more 'sweeping' antlers, and generally longer as well.

    Do sika have tend to have the spots of axis/chital?


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    Quote Originally Posted by gitano View Post
    Do sika have tend to have the spots of axis/chital?

    The answer is yes they both hav spots
    but the biggest telling point is in the picture
    the sika are all in a dark winter coat, (forget the reds)the axis are not and the white throat patch is so distinctive ,
    as is the antlers on the Axis stag in picture 10

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    The park is a private collection of deer! i stop there often and drule at them.

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    Whereabouts is this place, looks great. Is it open to the public?



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    its not open to public as its in hid " back garden" lol

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