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    I have mentioned this before about suitable calibres but it is time to take the task in hand.Anyway i use a .22 for vermin along with .17 Rem, the .22 is ok close in and the .17 is brill to about 200yds but it is getting expensive 15 for heads 50 for 100 cases then primers and powder+time i cover a lot of ground and so far this year i have shot in excese of 4000 bunnys anyway i want to use my .223 since i can get factoy ammo for 14/100 a big saveing,but my FLO says the .223 is for use on roe and fox and would be overkill on bunnys and his boss won,t allow it and the bunny would be blown to bits which the.17 does anyway.All the landowner and i want are dead bunnys, how do i stand

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    To my mind the phrase overkill has no place in sporting shooting but it is still used by the police in this situation.

    'Overkill' is na-palming a village to take out the lone sniper in the church tower.

    As i understand it many forces are now taking a far more relaxed view to the species that you can shoot with any particular calibre. Perhaps another example of inconsistencies between counties.

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    14 per 100 sounds like ex mil FMJ to me. Personally I would be reluctant to use such ammo due to the possibility of ricochet.

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    rh120 I don't know if you are a member of the BASC or not, but irrespective of that you should maybe bring the attention of your FLO to the relevant web page. Chances are he may not be up to scratch with this information. Keep us informed.


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    questions answered

    It looks like 300wsm and Jayb have this covered. It maybe that the flo isn't aware of the changes and maybe a gentle reminder would be in order. .223 is a suitable calibre for longer range vermin control and is especially useful for foxing. The .17 rem is also a very potent round and should not be confused with the .17 rimfires.
    It may raise the question of why do you need the .17 rem if you want to use the .223 for vermin. If you can make a good arguement of why you need it then i don't see there is a problem.

    remember communication is the best bet. give them a call, then submit a variation with a covering letter explaining your reasons and see how it goes from there.


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    Thanks for the interest.I am a member of the SGA so I will contact them for advice as well. In reply to 8x57 You are right ex-mil ammo 5.56 which is legal.You will also find in many country,s FMJ,s are prefered for pelt and meat damage but this is not a concern for me. I cover 2300A in rural Scotland and I know the ground very well for livestock and rights of way ect, eg safety. My tactic is to site myself some distance away from the warren,s and shoot the bunny,s as the ground is quite hilly and most of the warrens are on the hillsides riochet,s should not be a problem as I can shoot down and accross the hills. It is amazing how many you can shoot before they sus all is not quite right often when using this tactic I can stop and have a break and they will come out again or I can move to another warren. Also in reply to JAYB I will keep all posted. Thanks Swampy while out for Roe or after a Roe stalk I can then go after vermin

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    Don't forget that FMJ may be legal for bunnies but is totally out of order for roe .... and I bet it doesn't shoot to the same point as whatever expanding ammo you are using if you do a quick swap over in the field!

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    Yes you are right,FMJ,s are illegle for roe and the point of aim is different.But if you take a close look at the scope on a rifle there are ajustment turets so set the scope at say 150yds with one type of ammo and note the scope reading then re-zero the scope on the other type of ammo no problem just a little range time and a few clicks of ajustment easy

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    i have learned that the pressures military ammo produce are different to civil .223 ammo, you maybe heading for trouble!

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