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Thread: .243 80g Barnes TTSX

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    .243 80g Barnes TTSX

    I am having problems loading the 80g TTSX (.243) accurately. So far I have tried Varget, H4350 and RL17. On the most accurate load on each powder I have then adjusted seating depth from touching the lands to bullet almost hidden in the case !!

    I am possibly being a tad anal, I can group this bullet at just less than an inch but my rifle is proven capable of quarter inch. Any suggestions ?



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    Although you might not like it my suggestion is to ditch the Barnes bullets and get a decent one in the first place .

    Sorry old chap but the Barnes's have a reputation for beign darned troublesome in the grouping in an awful lot of rifles. You already know that your rifle is precise in grouping with good bullets so........................................ Hmmmm Barnes .

    However I will also point out that it's your money and not mine so feel free to carry on .

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    Just a note that it's not a good idea to seat TSX's too close to the lands, it can lead to pressure spikes.

    Sometimes a certain barrel just prefers a certain bullet.

    Try something else mate.

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    Hi Sticks

    The barnes bullets sometimes take a little getting right. I use them in a couple of calibres and have found that 70 thou of the lands seems to work well. I use RL19 with the 85gn TSX and get around .75". Anything under an inch should be quite good enough for deer, but I do understand that you are searching for the best group.


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    Hey Sticks

    Barnes is definitely though bullets. I was impressed this year when I saw what a Barnes out of a 257 Weatherby can do to a BIG beast. I am more used to .3 calibers.
    I do not know if you are allowed to shoot with a .243 on bigger species like Stag. If you can use it on bigger beasts it would definitely be the bullet to use. For smaller deer use something else. Barnes will go right through, wound two other deer further back and bring a tree down. It sounds cool but causes problems, you have to get rid of the tree!!!
    Grandhubert has a point.
    Reloading is either to produce ammo cheap or to experiment and see how close you can get the group.
    Sorry, I try to make cheap ammo, so I do not have any constructive ideas on getting the group tighter.
    All of the best!

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    sticks i use 70sblitz kings with h414 45.5grns for fox ,.177 group at 100yrds and for deer speer 100 grn spbt 38.5 grns h414, .214 group at 100 yards hope this helps atvb steve

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