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Thread: Harness hire thoughts wanted

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    Harness hire thoughts wanted

    All of you chaps in this forum have dogs .Therefore you have come across the amazing phenomenen of how fast can a puppy grow.
    A thought has occurred in my tiny grey matter regarding equipment for tracking and training.
    My company wants to sell you lot harnesses collars etc.
    Your little darling grow and after what seems like two minutes the high quality high cost gear is hanging in the shed waiting for the next small puppy that it will fit
    Therefore would a hire system work?
    deposit price of new equipment?
    Fixed period of hire return equipment
    Next period of hire next size? return equipment
    Third stage buy new equipment
    Would this benefit the hesitant buyers amongst you?
    I know that I have recycled leashes collars etc though at least 4 dogs

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    I think I would prefer to buy a harness that could be adjusted to fit from puppy hood up
    lets face it most can be adjusted to fit so therefore an extension piece that could be fitted in for some of the larger breeds would be less hassle and cheaper to buy than renting a piece of equipment and also cost of having to keep going back to you to replace it with the larger version
    also by having a removable extension if you decided to suddenly change your breed of dog the harness that you own would more than likely be adapted to fit that dog
    sort of universal harness
    seems a lot more practical to own such a universal harness than hiring,
    even the lesser confident buyers surely would see more sense in that

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    Buy a Alac harness. about 10 to 15 pounds depending on size. Ideal tracking harness . Easy to put on, take off and will last a dogs life time. Made in Sweden as well .

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    Thanks for the comments
    have you a link for these harnesses?
    Swedish harnesses is an interesting thing to google
    Never EVER google leather harnesses unless you have told the female members of the household what you are doing

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    Couple of things Kit,

    you dont need a harness when your starting a pup off and by the time you do Stone is correct most harnesses have enough adjustment to allow the extra needed to allow the dog to grow a bit and to fill out, and then some on top. Look at a medium Niggeloh for instance and it will adjust from a Bav to a lab.

    Second dog equipment should be used for one dog and one dog only, well ok for one handlers dogs. This reduces the risk of cross infection if swopped from a sick/infected dog to a healthy one. Even if you disinfected every time you can still miss some of our nastier dog diseases.

    Good advice from an experienced source should enable people to buy the right equipment to do a lifetimes work.

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    Thanks for the thoughts paintandpins.but as I have said before we explore all avenues when a customer asks and Muntjac Trading is customer/stalker driven
    Feedback on this topic has been useful and the hire aspect has now been put to bed.
    Regarding pups and harnesses If people want to use a harness from the start due to neck worries,we do an inexpensive starter harness the Artus and we do not just limit ourselves to the Niggeloh equipment excellent though it is.
    Each and every customer is treated as an individual and advice given by us will always be in the best interests of both dog and handler.

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    Starting a pup of you don’t need to use anything just encouragement, They don’t travel that fast that you will not keep up on the short trails you will be doing. By the time the pup is ready to move on most harnesses/collars will fit. Remember the collar doesn’t need to fit like a normal collar and should just slip over the head.
    Harness or collar is a personal choice, it makes no difference apart from to your wallet.
    I would recommend that handlers start with a collar from the point of view that it allows better control when training. Anything will do for starting your puppy training, a cheep collar and a bit of light rope. Remember at this stage you are just getting the dog used to the equipment being on him and getting him to realise that the collar is a trigger for work. He doesn’t need anything else for the tracks he will be doing.
    Neck worries Doesn’t come into it for several reasons. The dog should in theory not be tracking fast/hard enough to put a great strain on the neck. The only reports of neck problems has been in a report on Hanoverians in Germany where they found that in old age some dogs did develop neck problems but remember these dogs work almost daily for most of their lives, far more than any British dog will do.
    If I can help you with the differences/ uses of collars and harnesses Kit just give me a bell I don’t bite.

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    Hej Kit, Look at . They make many sorts of leads, collars & harness.
    I use the black webbing one with the sewn in reflex thread.

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    thanks jagare

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