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Thread: Festive Snorkers!

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    Cool Festive Snorkers!

    Venison in Mulled Red Wine Sausages with Caramelised Red Onions!
    Check out these bad boys, just in time for Christmas.
    NB: I've done it in a less commercial quantity this time too!

    VENISON - 7.5lb
    RED ONIONS - x6
    DEMERARA SUGAR - 2 hpd tbsp
    MULLED WINE - 1 Bottle (750ml)
    NUTMEG - 1 hpd tspn
    BLACK PEPPER - 1 hpd tspn
    GARLIC POWDER - 1 hpd tspn
    SALT - 1 hpd tspn
    RUSK - 750ml (Measured by volume to match 750ml wine)
    OLIVE OIL - 3 tbsp


    Chop venison into smallish pieces and place in plastic bucket or similar (I use plastic homebrew style buckets).
    Add the bottle of Mulled Wine and leave to chill and marinate for a day or two.

    Meanwhile, for the caramelised onions:
    Peel and chop onions into slices. Lightly heat olive oil in a pan and add onions. Cook them gently for about 40-45 mins. They will become sticky and sweet anyway as the natural sugars caramelise. As they do, add the Demerara sugar (I'm sure normal sugar would also work fine). Add a splash of red wine to the pan to help de-glaze it and have a glass yourself as it is thirsty work! Remove onions from pan and chill.
    Chop bacon and add to the venison and wine.
    Add remaining herbs and spices to dry rusk and mix thoroughly. Add rusk and spices and onions to meat chunks and wine and mix roughly. (The mincer does the rest!)
    Put mix through a coarse mincer disc (I use 8mm) and mix again by hand if required. Chill mix prior to stuffing skins. A small amount of cold water can be added and mixture kneaded prior to stuffing if it is too stiff but this shouldn’t be necessary.
    Stuff mixture into 32/34 mm natural Hog casings which should be rehydrated and flushed through thoroughly.

    The cooking bacon you can get from supermarket in vacuum packs. Look for the orange ones as they normally have a bit of smoked in which adds to the final flavour too!
    Pick the ones with the most fat in that everyone else leaves.

    These are a fairly sweet tasting sausage but bloody good!


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    When do I get mine!?
    When you give me back that electric hoist I gave you - mine just motored itself to the top on its own and then caught fire! Just what you need! a red deer jammed 9ft up in the roof of your larder and a nasty electrical fire!

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