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Thread: Home taxidermy

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    Home taxidermy

    How difficult is it, was thinking of a rabbit as a project. Is there anywhere good online for the basics, i assume to importance is getting the pelt dry, then the rest is just artistic licence?

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    I started on a squirrel, after looking at utube and getting a book. John Hallet Taxidermy is very reasonable in price and gives great advice. I have done 3 Roe now and actually find them easier than small animals. The results are, to my eye quite acceptable and although they are not as visually stunning as the expert ones i see here it is simply down to my lack of experience and that i dont have all the right finishing products. I found out about a series of waxes that add a great degree of life and realism today so will be getting these in the new year and improving the two roe I still have.

    I have my first red stag all caped out in the freezer and plan to mount it in the holidays. I understand that it will be more difficult, dut to the size and weight/thickness of everything but i am happy to give it a go and if i get it wrong i will just have an excuse to get another day out next year.

    There are a few forums and websites giving good advice but there is a huge ammount of utube infor and it really inspired and educated me, it is a great starting point


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    come on dave dont be shy show us the results i would be most interested to see your first results ,atb wayne

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    No Bother. This is no 2. It is an older picture and since then i have done some work on the mouth and nose. I think it has improved it. It was a really good buck, not measured or anything as i am not interested but i think it is good. I have since learned about some waxes that really make a difference so will order this in th new year, when i think they have a chance to get to me.
    It has a better wall mount now, fitting it better and the wires in the ears have been clipped away. The mouth and nos are far better now and when the light is better i will add no 3, a smaller buck but probably better mounted. i made a better job of the ears and mouth / nose on no2.

    No 1 is scary and a pal has it!

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    thanks dave ,can you just keep redoing things to imrove or do you have to leave it and start on another ? i would like to have a go. ps i would be chuffed with it and like anything you always get better with practice

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    I am sure an expert will be along soon, but i tend to potter away with them, improving them as i learn more, and then move on to the next one. Once they have dried out the skin is hard as wood, so just get them into the right position, pin everything in place and them dry them out. Once they dry i believe you can paint the detail, use these waxes i have just heard about and give them the illusion of life.

    It is not difficult to do at the standard above, but i think to get them better is far more difficult. But above is good enough for my uses and i am happy with them.

    I think practice and tuition would be needed to make a really good job

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    Dave I'm very impressed with that Roe!

    Off to look at youtube now........

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    once again thanks for your advice roughly on a cost how much does it cost to do a roe and are some manequins better than others,wayne

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    from memory the eyes are about 7, lead ears about the same, and the form itself is i think about 50. You also need a little clay and a strong needle and thread.

    Finally some salt and some tanning fluid to paint on, this was about 20 but it goes a very long way and i have used way under half on 3 deer. Again, the experts will i am sure find problems with the technique and result, but i am happy.

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    cheers dave i will let you know how i get on atb,wayne

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