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Thread: worrying probem

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    worrying probem

    hi went out this afternoon to try some homeloads out, was going well until i had a scarry moment when i closed the bolt as normal and off went my rifle, luckily it was pointing at a safe back stop at the time , so if any wise person could tell what might of gone wrong

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    worrying probem

    hi pete e yes its a remington 700

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    Remington Problem

    Hi Rifleman, had the very same problem with a 700 Sendero, took it to my gunsmith and it turned out that the trigger assembly had been put together without any lubrication so the sear wasn't returning to engage the firing pin. He stripped it and lubricated it and I haven't had any problems since.
    Hope this helps!

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    I've had Remingtons since 1982 and never had a problem with them.
    Are you sure someone hasn't been trying to tweek the trigger!!

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    I was in a gunshop in New Zealand and talking to the shop owner when the "gunny" came in to collect ariflethat was going off as it was loaded, betcha can't guess what it was

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    Haven't got a clue!
    All the Remmys I've had and still own, have been the other way, it was always a problem to get the damn thing to go off without putting about ten pounds pull on the trigger.
    But I don't mind that as I find it quite simple to adjust the Remmy trigger and can't fault them.
    I was with a chap once that had a round go off as he loaded it but that was a Model 70 Winchester and as hard as I tried, I could not get it to go off again.
    Until I read about it on here I have not heard of such a phenomena and I have been mixing it with guns of alsorts, both as a stalker and RCO, for many years.

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    RCO what region? I had a lot of friends in number 6.


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