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    Should I...

    Noticed a Doe on my grounds with two kids. One is in significantly better condition than the other, both from this year, and the other in pretty poor condition.

    Given that I am trying to increase the roe deer population on my grounds, should I leave both in the hope the weak one survives, or would it be better to cull the weak one and leave the stronger kid with the doe?

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    If it was me, I'd take the weaker looking one.....

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    +1 on TJ. By taking out the weakling, the mother and stronger youngster will do better. If you manage a healthy bunch of animals, the population will sort itself out.

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    take the weaker one, the stonger kid will benefit more from one on one parenting with the doe, also the doe will have a easier time too especially if charlie comes sniffing round and she has to defend two and the stronger kid can run as fast as her anyways.
    like fisherman said, select your weaker/poorer animals cull them and the population will take care of itself.

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    SecretStalker got it in one!



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    Spot on advice. Take the weak one!


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    Hi PKL, what was the "weak" one doing or not, to make you think it was weak?

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    Generally speaking, you would look the beast over, & check out it's condition with the glass, first impressions are usually a good indicator of how things are going, comparison with it's sibling, any visible signs of damage, or unsteadiness, just the stuff that made you think it was a little behind in progress?
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    You do not mention the sex of the kids.
    If you are as you say wanting to increase the roe population and the stronger sibling is a buck and the smaller one a doe, there is not much point shooting the doe kid. If both are does leave them, if ones a buck whether stronger or not it doesnt matter.
    You may be concerened however that to shoot male deer out of season is unlawful unless to end suffering or you are about to, or already have deprived it of its mother(which you havent).You may however be able to shoot out of season?.
    You also do not mention where you are geographically, and what type of ground this family of roe frequents. Both factors add relevance to the "cull or not" dilema.

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    I was faced with the same situation on Sunday morning, I opted to take the weaker of the twin does. With the bleak weather conditions continuing, leading to less available food the chances of survival are greater for the remaining youngster.

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