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Thread: Bulgarian driven boar.

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    Bulgarian driven boar.

    Well i'm back from another driven hunt (2 days) and what a great hunt it was as well as some great company.
    I have a few photos on my crappy phone as my camera broke.
    Emails should arrive in due course with others photos.
    I will construct a story of events shortly.
    What i will say is Bulgaria is the place to shoot....loads of pigs and we saw 4 wolves before we were given the ok to shoot them then only 1 appeared which was missed. There were sounders of up to 20 pigs seen which actually spoilt it a little as they only passed a few guns if they had come in 2-6's we would have bagged up if we could have missed the trees LOL(sorry paul couldn't resist)
    Feel free to post any photos of the trip you lads.....

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    nice one look forward to the storys and pics,wayne

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    Well we managed to get there in the end after a right palarva with our english agent.
    I'm not going into this as we maybe making a claim against him.
    The other end was a very different matter a very proffessional outfit
    So much so I will take 2-3 groups out next fall I think.
    The first drive was full of red hinds and 4 wolves.
    We had been told pigs only and then after much bulgarian arm waving they decided to allow us to shoot them
    Day one was quiet for me not firing a shot though I did hear pigs pass and saw a sounder of 15 pass through the tree line to obscured to shoot.
    The wolf I saw made my day though.
    And Darren who borrowed my sako 6.5x55 shot the biggest boar of the trip with it when it ran past him 90m's away
    Darren also shot at a wolf on the last drive but missed.

    day 2 started early like the day before.
    It was better for me having a group pass 25 m's from me at full tilt.
    I mounted my 7mm on the big boar and swung on him hitting him he kept going i shot again he juddered reloading the pigs kept running past i fired 4 shots quick and hit 3 pigs all shots connecting.
    Our hosts were exstatic picking up all 3 pigs after the drive.
    I had killed a very large boar my first shot went through his snout missing his tusks by an inch my second broke his shoulder and went the legnth of his body stopping just under his skin.
    They gave me the spent bullet.

    They told me these 3 were mine but the one on my right was shot by 19 year old Jack mine was further along the line of pigs the 2 on the left were mine.
    They have taken the tusks to measure.

    The nice touch were the medals me and darren recieved for biggest pig (his day one) and me for killing 3 out of a group and biggest day 2.

    Dr spin also shot a big boar with his 375 on day one.
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    john they look big ,looks like the mildot stood up again ,would there have been a cost involved in a wolf and what sort of costs to go and finally would you go for longer or stay at the 2 day thanks in advance wayne

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    they quoted us 400 euros but when 4 ran out they said they would be free.
    we will go for 3 days next time.

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    WHAT A TRIP! I shot my first boar and 3 fine trees! (yes I was that bad)

    Day 1 One the first drive a fox ran right at me and passed by less than 2 meters away never seeing me behind some scrub, I heard the wolves that broke out past the next gun along but never saw them. Drive 3 saw me getting a left and right on wood with my .375 when a dozen or so ran past I tracked the first pig that came out in front from the left at 30m and was gob smacked when they ran down out of sight in just a few seconds but my heart was in my mouth because the first shot felt good. I was lucky to have a juvenile trot in from behind on the first drive on day two which got two shots with the first dropping in and then the second finishing. I had a shot at a massive boar in the next drive come across and guess what... TREE . Seen and heard more but that was it but what a rush and feeling. I've never been so tuned in to every noise in the forest listening for the russling of leaves as the quarry approaches.

    my piggy (who shot the rabbit)

    bulgarian quad bike

    I got wood

    not again

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    sounds very exiting i will have to have a chat on our next meeting john ,paul congrats on your first boar i bet your heart was racing,wayne

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    Paul, you should try a pair of electronic ear defenders, the slightest noise sounds like a pig coming,when they do come its frightening
    just back from Poland great fun


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    Quote Originally Posted by paul at barony View Post
    WHAT A TRIP! I shot my first boar and 3 fine trees! (yes I was that bad)

    I got wood

    not again
    Love the trophy tree photos, good representative specimens there!


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    Looks like a fantastic trip, congrats!

    I'll have to give this driven boar shooting a go, roughly how much does it cost for a trip like this?

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