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Thread: How to remove the fat from a boiled head?

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    How to remove the fat from a boiled head?

    Right, I have now successfully boiled the head of my fallow and now there is this little layer of what i assume is fat. Now I was told to pressure was all the fat and flesh off. But after boiling it the head, I went to pressure wash it clean and low and behold the bloody pressure washer and tap are frozen up so that was a no go.

    I have pulled off all the easy to shift stuff and am left with the bit of a fatty layer that doesn't want to shift. No Will it be okay to pressure wash tomorrow? or will it have dried back on? I contemplated scrubbing it clean with a scrubbing brush or leaving it in a treat for the birds to pick clean. Anyone got any ideas?

    These are what it looks like:

    Thanks in advance,


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    It should be ok if you keep it wet. Don't let it dry out or it will be a pig to shift. Just leave the skull soaking in some washing soda (keep the antlers clear of the liquid) and it will keep the deposits soft until you can get the pressure washer going!


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    George, did you add some washing soda to the water whilst boiling??? This will help get the fat off....

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    I use a potato pealer to scrape all the flesh and grisle off all the heads I do. A blunt knife will do the job as well. Power washing can blow all the nasle bones off if your not carefull. FM.

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    I found that once it came out of the water, before it completely solidified - it was easier to remove, using a blunt edge.

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    Hello George
    I let mine dry out or you can try it wet i then us a wire brush wheel in the electric drill dont press on just let the drill and brush do the work brings the skull up a treat ! i find the pressure washer only works if its a heavy duty steam cleaner ie hot water

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    Hi George,

    For the future,as others stated,cut of as much meet and eye balls as poss,boil in soda crystals, power wash is the only way for long nose skulls and

    when drying use a wire brush wheel with drill, to take of little missed bits,

    all the best,


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