Well done everyone so far, plenty of cash raised, but we want MORE!!!!!!

All bids will close at 12 noon on the 20th December, no bids will be accepted after this time, all tickets purchases will close also, please bare this in mind, as I won't take any more names after this time, so if you buy after 12 noon on the 20th, you WILL NOT be entered into the draw (The Just Giving page will let you buy, I have no control over that).

To buy/bid for an item, to see what's on offer, follow this link >>H4H 2010<< Please ensure once you buy tickets you PM me so I know you have bought some tickets.

All item donators, please update as often as you can so we can see how much is currently on each auction item, so people know how much they need to bid to win it.

Thanks again to everyone who has donated, everyone who has bid or bought or both and thanks again the John, Malcolm and Alex for letting me launch this on their Web Site for another year.