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    I have used Lieca all my shooting life and had lieca long before they became popular in this country but i have never used seen or had any real info on there scopes. Has any got one used one looked through one any info on them please.

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    I understand one sporting publication has been waiting for 2yrs to get one for review.

    Am currently in comms with Head of Leica Sports optic and raised this point.

    Currently use a Leica microscope but would prefer Olympus/Nikon

    Leica customer services are awfull still awaiting replacement objective covers which were promised 1 month ago.



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    My understanding is that they are built by Leupold in the US. I assume they use Leica glass. Leupold have a good reputation for solid reliability, so the combination of the two should make for a good scope. Some top end makers in the US put them on their rifles for that very reason.

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