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Thread: Testing S/H scopes................. do you?

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    Question Testing S/H scopes................. do you?

    Well I just acquired a used Lisenfeld Jaguar 6x42 scope so before it goes onto the rifle that it will be used on properly I mounted it on an rifle that I am familar with to test it out. The quick test and sight in seems to show it's working.

    However the thought just occured to me how many folks when acquiring a used scope really check it out. I mean do you shot "the Box" with it to see if it tracks as it should or do you zero and shoot some groups over a week or so and call it good?

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    Yes, i do.. exactly what you said, just shoot several shots in a square pattern and see if it ends back at zero.

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    Rather than going to the trouble and expense of mounting it on a rifle to test it, what about just clamping the scope firmly sighting it on a target and then mving the adjustments say ten clicks up ten clicks right ten clicks down and then ten clicks left. You should see the crosshair move away from the target and then come back to orginal point.

    But my view view is that once it is zeroed and provided it remains zeroed then thats good enough for me.

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    Heym whilst your idea will see if the reticle moves I get that when I use to collimeter to set it up initailly. Shooting will test if the reticle moves during recoil. I did my test using a .270 Winchester.

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    The square test is a good way of assessing a scopes adjustments, but I suspect some new scopes might not fare to well and how important is this on a deer rifle? I purchased a second hand pecar and it misted up due to poor seals, that can be tested for by moving from hot to cold conditions (fridge), in my case I didn't discover this until to late and it cost 80 for re-gassing, thankfully before pecar folded. A second hand Swarovsk was flawless, but their legendary customer service makes them a safe buy.

    Lisenfeld have shut up shop, so service might be a problem.

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    Lisenfeld went a decade or so ago when the owner got cancer or so I beleive. I have been using a 3-9x42 Jaguar for about the last 14-18 years and it's a good scope although I wish they had marked the directions of adjustments ont eh dials . Knowign the adjustments do move as stated is useful when movign from one proven load to another. Not something I do that much now as I tend to have another rifle set up fro each load. Not eveyone has that oppertunity though.

    So far I have run 20 rounds throught eh .270 with the new acquistiton on top, 10 of 130 Gr RWS T-Mantle the last of the box I brought with the rifle when it was new, the price was 18.90 back then per box which darned near gave me a heart attack. The Norma was 11 per box.. Rifle, sling, 3-9x40 used scope, rifle slip, cleaning rod, Brush, jag and box of patches bottle of 009 and 40 rounds of ammo came to 400. Still have the receipt on file .

    The next 10 fired were federal Fusion 150 grain and they shot nearly 4" higher than the RWS 130's the scope is now adjusted for the Fusion ammo even though it's not staying on that rifle.

    The project .280 is still at the proof house as Malc the smith took a fall in the Ice and had broken/chipped a bone in his elbow so cannot do much right now. As he had no stuff to take and cannot drive far it's still there. I asked him to phone them and get it posted back to him as at least I can get it on my ticket and then get on with the stuff I can do like fit the sights and bed the stock properly however it seems the proof hose only work half day Fridays and don't answer the phone much so will try again Monday.

    The Lisenfeld will probably go onto the .280 unless I aquire a set of 30mm rings to suit then I might use the Titan 3-9x42 instead....................................... decisions..................... decisions . Need some 26mm rings for the Lisenfeld anyway.


    There are a couple fo places that can service the Pecar's I understand. After the Christmas rush I am sending off a 3-7x36 for such a service and clean. The chap can get it re-anodised but not the steel tube re-blued so after stripping it will be sent to Malc for that then back to be re-built and it should be like new. he is also going to change the very fine X hair recticle for a duplex.
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