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Thread: The Site

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    The Site

    Gentlemen and Ladies,

    I think you will all agree that this site has grown considerably over the last few weeks. We now have close to 950 members, we have T shirts being organised by Buckup, we have a marvelous effort being put togther to raise funds for the lads and lassies in our services. This is in great part due to a few individuals off this site, Beowulf, (AKA Mr B) Swampy, Tartinjok to name but a few. But what most of you do not know is that the greater part of this work has been undertaken by one man

    Beowulf (aka Steve and Mr B)

    Hopefully this site will go on to become the Stalking and Hunting site on the Webb. We have our moments on here, people have very personal views, and at times we rub each other up the wrong way ( me included)

    But I for one would like to say that in the short time I have known Mr B, he has achieved so much for this site, and is trying along with a few others to make this site work for stalkers, especially our novice members and hopefully young folk who need a chance to get into the sport.

    People are trying very hard behind the scenes to make this site really come alive and work. With all your help we can achieve this, and I personally would like to thank each and everyone of you for helping.


    (ps no that does not mean I am buying everyone a drink at the CLA )

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    well said sikamalc,and i will get you a drink at the cla mate.keep up the good work lads you are a credit to the site.thanks for not on here as much as i would like with these long days but i keep popping on when i get the chance to try and catch up with you all.roll on the cla 8)

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    Here here,
    hard work, and generaly a thankless task. Thanks for the reminder Malc, so easy to forget the graft that goes on off screen.
    Thanks to all for keeping this site at the top.

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    It is my opinion that Steve is one of the straightest and most honest of men, a man who works selflessly for others and puts the greater good before himself. a rare man indeed.
    It`s a privilege knowing you Mr B, and I`m sure many others on this site are aware and are appreciative of your work load. Tony M.

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    I am a newbie, and will now make a complete txxt of myself!!. But what is CLA!. and where and when . ON A POSTCARD EH!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trapper
    I am a newbie, and will now make a complete txxt of myself!!. But what is CLA!. and where and when . ON A POSTCARD EH!
    hi trapper
    the country landowners asociation ( CLA) gamefair
    gamefair at bleinham palace 25th-27th of july
    50th centenary
    just google CLA gamefair , should tell you most of what you need to know
    now get a grip man you probaly been there before if not get along , it,s a good day out

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    Clithero Lesbians Association, Big Northern Gals with attitude and a strap on!

    Trapper the CLA is a game fair that this year is to be held at Blenhiem Palace in Buckinghamshire or somewhere southern and very ''. Many of the site members are camping over the weekend and getting together for drinkies. So what do you say mate, are you coming? If you don't I'll get those Clithero dungeree wearing lasses to sort you out. Don't have nightmares.

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    All power to the beaver meister... 8)

    Well done Mr B and Malc I also will be happy to give you both a bottle or two, or three of my cheap but fabulous lager smuggled back to blightly from the fatherland at the CLA.

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    Very much looking forward to it. Tickets and booking confirmation for the camp site arrived yesterday. Saving up now for the extra diesel as the weight of all that beer in the caravan will take some pulling

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    Beowulf, Do the Clithero Lesbians Association Have there own web site Ive not been on that 1 mate
    Well done to Mr B, Hes a fine chap along with all the others ive met off here. The site has become a better place over the last 6 months without doubt.
    Sikamalc, Dont forget to put my crate of beer in will ya mate, You know the crate you owe me Dont worry ill think of a reason why you owe me it by the time the CLA comes up

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