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Thread: Oh ****e !!!

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    Oh ****e !!!

    They've just dropped through the door again, didn't think they were due until May!
    "They" being the dreaded FAC/SGC coterminus renewal forms, how I hate them.
    8 photo's, 4 for signatories,Jeez!
    Throughout the year I must fill in dozens of forms and never have any problems. One look at a renewal form and I go cold all over. I've never yet, and this includes variations, filled in one of these forms without making a cock up.
    Any body else suffer with this dilema !!!....callie

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    Yes I feel the same mine is due in 2011 and I am dreading filling in the forms. Stupis thing is that they know damned well what we have and have to keep the forms on file and I already get moaned at for my file taking up too much room. Oh well I begin working on it in the new year.

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    My coterminous FAC was done in August and my variation is virtually a 90% of a fresh application... surely they know what we have and they WILL have our pictures on record so why not a seperate simple form for variation? I may just not bother but that is what my FLO would like.

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    You guys have been lucky, all I got was a letter telling me what forms to download ! fill in and send back.
    Mind you I always fill them in and then ring the FEO Office and ask for advice or "Can I come in and be shown or at least go through them with somebody before submitting them please".
    My Department is very helpful.
    I have just gone through the renewal procedure for coterminous ownership and it only took from 19th November to 15th December from start to finish and my FEO visit had to wait a week as I was out of the country, so imagine how quick it would have been had I not been away.
    Well done Wiltshire Firearms Department.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    My coterminous FAC was done in August and my variation is virtually a 90% of a fresh application... surely they know what we have and they WILL have our pictures on record .
    Is that your picture they have on file in your avatar?

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    Get them done asap and don't let them sit. You'll feel great if you get them fired off before xmas and although nothing will happen till next year that's not your problem anymore!

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    I did a thread a while back about free passport photos here:

    Save yourself some hassle and a lot of money!

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    'Must be the time of year - and the second bout of snow - but thank goodness I got my renewal off last month. Going on-line for passport pictures is great - if you have the didgy camera, the PC and the know-how , but a bit of a pig if you don't and live a couple of hours drive from the nearest booth or chemist. (The one in Kyle will take passport photos).

    Then there's the suitable witnesses to locate and visit.

    As you say, they have all our data on file, we are upstanding citizens or we'd not have a firearm cert in the first place, so what's the problem ?

    An old mate of mine went into his bank where he'd been doing his garage and tackle-shop banking for many years. He wanted to undertake a transaction and was asked by the new manager's assistant for I.D.

    So, he produced his newly amended FAC and was told that it was not good enough but his driver's license would do.

    He didn't have it on him and again asked if the transaction might be possible and was told "NO ".

    He called in the manager and pointed out that his face was known in that bank from year dot, he'd been giving them his business for-ever, so what was the problem ?

    He still received the big NO ! So he promptly moved his banking to another bank .
    Opinions often differ according to unknown circumstances.

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    Personally i think you're a lucky man. The recommendations report/findings from the Cumbrian murders is published on the 20th Dec so get them filled in and submitted before all the addittional crap and hurdles is put into place.

    Just wait to you hear us screaming and wailing later on .

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    Do you keep a copy of your previous application forms? It makes it a whole lot easier to fill in because a lot of it is repetition. Having a scan of your passport photo is a good tip too. Print as many as you like onto photo paper.

    Alex (pathological hatred of forms)

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