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Thread: sika heads

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    sika heads

    hi all
    a few weeks a go i went roe stalking with morena , though we saw a lot roe does we saw no bucks except those of sika (sorry sika stags and spikers)
    what i did notice was the strange array of colours they came in, as all the previuos sika i hav ever seen and shot were all black but also noticed that one stag in paticular was in hard horn and the antlers were only short 6 pointers something that another stalker i used to go with also pointed this out that all the sika on his ground never made 8 points , and a good specimen on his lease was a tall 6 pointer,
    is this just the norm for the west coast of scotland, or hav i never been that lucky to see an 8 pointer yet
    many thanks in advance

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    A typical ADULT Jap. Sika Stag [Nippon nippon.] has the capability of being an 8 pointer, indeeed most are.
    It may be that the 6 pointers only on your friends area are genetically
    faulty or are being shot before their potential shows.
    Colour varies according to the time of year and in September onwards they wear their black jacket with the prominent light caudal patch clearly visible.
    Summer coat can be chestnut red with light flank spots.
    I presume the black ones you shot were taken after September.
    Below is a pic. of a young Wicklow Stag taken in October

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    Caudal patch on a young Wicklow Staggie. [October.]

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    Further to what stag1933 has said, it's worth noting that British wild sika are generally not pure Japanese - there was a lot of Manchurian & Formoson blood mixed in during the earlier introductions. If you compare a wild sika with pure park nippon nippon there's quite a size difference (pure Japs are a bit smaller, but do typically produce 8 point heads as adults) .

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    once again ,thanks stagg for these pics, they are a pleasure to look at .
    most of the sika we saw were chestnut coloured with white spots on their flank and one was black ,
    thanks for that as i know very little about sika , so they are a learning curve for me now ,all the sika i hav shot were quite small in weight with the 6 point stagg only weighing i think 75lbs dressed out and the hinds were between 35lbs-50lbs, with one hind reaching 70lbs but we thought this may of been a hybrid, these were shot not that far from campbell town on the west coast
    many thanks
    while writing this out wsm snook in
    with more info i did not know , but all the sika with morena were in black velvet except the one stagg that was in hard horn

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    The other thing to look for in Manchurian and Japs is the antler formation, Japs tend to be stright in appearance whilst Manchurian tend to spreadout to the side more, and do not appear as straight.

    The heaviest wild Jap Sika Stag I have seen shot was with a client of mine about 4 years back. It weighed I think about 155lbs clean. It was a huge 8 pointer taken out of a forest that stretches along the northern edge of the Dornoch Firth in Scotland. In general Scottish Sika Stags weigh in between 80lbs to 95lbs during the rut and when they are run, although as in most cases there are exceptions.

    The other area I have access to on the west coast near Ullapool has only recently over the last few years had Sika turning up. It may be that the poor quality of head you saw Stone was poor breeding, and or feed. I have noticed that although they thrive in the ideal wet habitat in the highlands, they rarely put on the huge amount of weight that the Dorset Sika do, plus the hinds in Dorset usually weight in at about 15lbs more. This is most likely due to better feed available and milder winters.

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    I got one last year that was 115 lb as he was popped into the chiller, he was an eight pointer, with the typical jap straight antler arrangement. I always think they should be taller for their weight.


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    The Wicklow Sika [Nippon nippon] tend to be narrow as a rule at about 36 to 40 CM tip to tip but I have one on the wall here which is 56 CM, I think it was a Bronze medal.
    Photo below of a Wicklow Stag I came upon unexpectedly one morning.
    A combination of poor light, a long lense and a slow shutter speed spoiled the picture, however that Stag is typical of those in Co. Wicklow, Eire.
    It too would have been a medal I feel sure.


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    blooming eck stagg
    that is a monster compared to what i hav seen and shot, maybe i need to save a bit more might ,get to see bigger in the future

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