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Thread: Schmidt and Bender 8x56

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    Schmidt and Bender 8x56

    1" tube, Hungarian model. A7 reticule I think.

    Excellent scope, optically superb and comes with the S&B elasticated lens covers but not the original box I'm afraid.

    This came with a 243 Sako I bought for Stalking but I'm struggling to resist the lure of more magnification :o

    If it was just Stalking I would keep it but I've got so many .243 bullets (over 500!) I know I'll end up using it for target stuff as well.

    350 delivered and insured RMSD.

    Would consider a swap/px for a premium scope with more mag and preferably target turrets for dialling.

    Photos to follow later today.



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    Pics attached, sorry for the crappy focus on the reticule shot but you get the idea

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    Now sold

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