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Thread: Quivering critter

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    Quivering critter

    Hi all,
    I was thinking of buying a animated decoys something like those quivering critters to add to my fox decoying equipment. My question has anybody ever used one and are they worth investing in?

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    Like all artificial calls and lures, sometimes they work sometimes they don't! I've used the "jack in a box" from Fox Pro and it is pretty good on hunting cubs. Have also had limited success with adults, Bushwear do a cheap version that could be worth a try.
    I think with all these lures, call etc: you can get lucky, probably worth a go.

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    Unless you know where a den is or where a fox is working I think they are of limited use. The old ACME squeeker is hard to beat and cheap as chups.

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    I've got one think its the funnys thing going but I have called a few foxs in with it. I normly put it about 70 yards & start calling foxs nomly look at it & not were the calls comeing from I have to say there are better ones out there

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