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Thread: Farmer misses fox but shoots prowler's

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    Farmer misses fox but shoots prowler's

    There is a good half page article in the Daily Express today with the above title. With some great quote's from him. The jist of it is he is disabled and gets round on a mobility scooter. Heard some racket from his geese at 4am, got his shotgun and a bag of ammo and went out on his scooter and saw a fox and shoot at it 3 times but missed it each time but somehow managed to hit two intruders police got involved after they had been to hospital and staff contacted police. Was arrested for attempted murder but was later cleared of shooting the two men but they still took away his licence's that he has held for 20 years. There is other stuff to the story like the two men on suspicion of possesing a firearm and a cannabis factory but i can be bothered typing any more. So get the paper or look online. It a good read with some funny stuff said by him.
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    what a story for speculation!

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    Fantastic story

    and some great shooting to boot...

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    Priceless isn't it.

    It was my farm, it was 4.00am, I shot at a fox, how was I to know the scrotes were there..... Now stick to the story.

    A police friend tells me 90% plus of convictions are as a result of the accused "fessing-up".

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    ought to give the guy the george medal

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    You simply couldn't make that up. A 63 year old who get around his farm on a mobility scooter and shot at a fox and hit two burglars sneaking around on out building that had been turned into a cannabis farm without the land owners knowledge.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Parsons View Post
    good shot reload

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