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Thread: .17 hmr help needed please

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    .17 hmr help needed please

    can any-one advise me please. I have a New CZ 452 Thumbhole Stock .17HMR. Basicly it wont hold Zero????? To-day again, i checked Barrel clearance, mot cleaned it, have cleaned it. So i get it to 5 shot clover-leaf Great, have a look about for a live Quarry shot, miss miss back to a Target an the Rifle spray's again. To- day i tried four Different type's of ammo an get the same result. So off come's the Mod and as good as one hole 10 shot group. Result or so i think shot a crow 2 Rabbit's back to missing. So i check now i am back to spraying. I dont know what to do NOW "HELP PLEASE"

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    Not to state the obvious mate but there MUST be something slack somewhere, either that or your scope is goosed.

    I had a CZ 17HMR up until a few months ago and you could have thrown the bugger off a cliff and it would still have held zero. They really are bomb proof !!!

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    How many shots are you putting through before cleaning the tube ? .17 hmr are notorious for fouling and accuracy will drop after as little as 15 shots or so in some rifles.
    Are you shooting off a bipod or bags to zero, then changing that to shoot at live quarry ?
    Are the stock screws tight ?
    Are the rings tight ?
    Is your mod tight ?
    Is the scope you are using proven as reliable ?
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    I agree with the above...if the shop put the scope on then I would take it off and do it myself...learnt that twice! and my HMR loses accuracy after 50 or so shots.

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    check your scope and mounts first , then check your barrel contact with the stock forend? is it free floated. if all this fails try and recrown it , ive found this to be the standard thing i always do with any CZ rifle .
    I have found the CZ to fantastic for the money.
    Ive had three CZs then went to a Sako quad for the Mak2 22. HMR quick change thing for work and i have to say i think the Sako aint nearly as good as the CZ.
    PS i shoot about 5000 HMR round a year and have had a barrel last over a season before it went, not bad for a few hundred quid .

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    Thank's Chap's for ALL your reply's. Scope is going to be changed first, then a recrown as all other point's i have checked fingers crossed

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    There obviously is the possibility of something loose or the scope being knacked but I would have thought if this be the case you would not be able to attain Zero. The threading of the mod or the mod itself could have been the problem but with the mod removed and you still getting the problem it ain't that. How long you had the rifle. Has it ever held zero? Faulty barrel? Possible but again I would doubt if you could attain zero. Is there any difference between your set up on target and on live. Could the screw holding the bipod be touching the barrel? Fouling can a big factor but my .17HMR usually needs about 50-60 rounds through it before it effects zero.

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    Is there any difference in the way you zero to how you take the shots in the field? e.g. off bag/off bipod etc?


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    All of the above...Plus, have you checked that the barrel is fully flaoted? My CZ was brand new and I took it down a few MM(give me a shout if youve never dont it before, its easy) so that I could get a piece of card between the barrel and the forend. I had exactly the same issue until I floated the barrel correctly.

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    You might consider you just have a crappy box or two of ammunition, I also had serious problems when first starting to shoot this calibre, my rifle sprays 17 grain loads, but will put shot on shot with 20's
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