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Thread: A christmas doe

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    A christmas doe

    Well, excuse to go up to D&G was to meet my syndicate partner for a pre christmas booze up, one of these things where the women come along too.. I thought it would be rude not to pop out with the rifle as i wont be back til new year now.

    Anyways, after a merry night last night, i had the alarm set for 7am. Last night when i went to bed it was very cold but clear. This morning however there was 3'' of virgin snow. I nearly rolled over as i thought that the roads on the tops and an A3 wouldnt really mix.. However, i got up and went over to the ground. It took twice as long doing 20mph all the way. I arrives at 8 so all was peachy. If a tad late..

    I set off and glassed several areas before coming to a rushy bog along side the wood. I glassed one doe there and she was alone, slightly smaller frame so guessed it was a yearling.. exactly what i wanted. She was grazing on the woodside at about 150yds and had lots of branches in front. I left the sticks where i was and by using the oak tree to hide me from her, i got to the tree which put me at around 50yds from her. She was still feeding head into wind and ar*e towards me. She then turned and started moving closer, to 30yds where she stood broadside on. She dropped to a lung shot which if i say so myself was around 2'' too high. Anyways, she only ran 20yds and fell over kicking.

    After gralloching that one, i retrieved my sticks and carried on, only maybe 200yds from where i had been doing the biz on the first one when i saw another with a kid in trail. I stalked this too, only into about 80yds but had a good look at them both, a really nice, fit doe kid and a well conditioned mother. I left these alone for obvious reasons.

    I spotted another doe in the same wood but on the other side, this one with twins (ive not seen this group for about 3 months). They were tucked into the wood out of the wind and i didnt even bother trying to stalk them, i thought about how i dont like to be disturbed without good reason!

    Anyways, i bumped another yearling on the way out, taking my total to 7 deer seen in less than 2 hours.On the way into the stalking, i also saw a red hind and calf stood on the road, less than 1/2 a mile from my boundary.. Its good to know theyre there as i havent seen any on my ground.

    Anyways, it continued to snow and after speaking to the postie, decided to cut the trip short and traverse the pennines home. In the end i had been fed a load of duff info from the postie as once i had got back to the A74, the roads were fine!

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    Hi Ben

    Well done i was out this morning but only saw Bucks ! At least you got one for pot youll be hopeing a few more Reds show up !!!!!

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    Ha, i will be charging you to shoot them! lol. I may go out again in the morn locally.. see whats about. I need to catch up with a fox. You coming on Monday night?

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    Sorry can't make it mate its my old deers birthday so all the family going out for a meal, maybe next time !

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    Well done on that one, nice to see you had a successful stalk.


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    Nice eater that mate .Sticking my neck on the line ,id say its been the best season for kid survival that ive experienced .This weather ,will however sort out any defects im sure .We saw several triplets here and all have survived im glad to say ,well until i get a bead on a few that is . Nice to read about someone leaving deer alone once glassed ,as opposed to shooting them too .Shooting for some is all too easy when maybe it should be left as you demonstrated ,for another time . My posts would appear to contradict these words but i pass up just as many .

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    Cheers foxdropper, to be honest, apart from meeting the cull figure, im more interested in trying to get some decent animals out of the spot. Im not too fussed about shooting loads, but would rather know the population and shoot a few good ones, whether does or bucks. Regarding the bucks, im now starting to believe that you really need to look after them for a good few years to produce decent heads.

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    Nice write up! Nice deer. Makes me wish my freezer had some room in it!~Muir

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    Hey Muir, new gun arrives in a few days, so load developing starts again.. will send you some pics! Merry Christmas to you!

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    Cracking story mate what mod is that on your rifle ?
    Merry Christmas

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