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    303 Brit

    Im looking for a proven load for my Faz no5 -303
    I have a good 174 gr head load with superb results, but try & try as i will , i cannot get a good grouping with 125 or 150gr s/p heads . I have a full range of vit powder 110-160. As i know 1 or 3 use the calibre, can some heelllllpppppppp ! Thanks

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    Firstly check the groove size and bore size they can be a fair bit oversized at that time frame. If the bore and grooves are oversized and they can measure 0.316" in the grooves you will probably not get good grouping witht eh short 150 grain bullet as the bearign surface is too short.

    If the bore and groove size is more normal and in the 0.311"-0.313" range it should shoot fine. Sorry cannot help with the Vhit powders as I don't use them but Reloader 15, H4895 anf vectan SP7 are good powders for the .303.
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    The bore is mint & as tight as a ducks a$$ , she was a mumified No5 until the 1990's, & since not yet broke in , i put maybe 150 thru her, & the last guy did 70 some !! Bless , she;s still virginal
    Thanks Brithunter

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    At 0.2311 it would be way tighter than a ducks ass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnraider View Post
    At 0.2311 it would be way tighter than a ducks ass.
    That was my fumble finger typing................................ once again .

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    If if likes 174's, try the Hornady (.312) RN over IMR 4350. Works great in my 1900 factory sporter. T'wer this my rifle, I'd be using 205 grain cast bullets. Virginal No5's deserve a custom fitted bullet! ~Muir

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