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Thread: Ugg Boots

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    Ugg Boots

    Dilema! My girlfriend wants a pair of Ugg boots but, having looked done a bit of reseach, most of the ones for sale in this country (50-70) seem to be fakes. The real ones are available but they are 200! People seem to accept that the fakes are fakes and buy them anyway but I can't stand the idea of buying a knock off product. Anyone got a source of the real McCoy at sensible prices? JC

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    A womens fashion accessory at a 'sensible price'? Good luck with that!


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    Trouble is Alex, if you saw the pile of my boots by the back door (Lundhags/Meidels/LeCamels etc) you would realise that I am negotiating from a weak position! JC

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    Is it not standard practice to hide all excess kit / kit bought in error / receipts / bank statements?

    "Is that a new pair of boots? "
    "No dear, it's the same pair I was wearing earlier - I just cleaned them. "

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    Fallow skin and a tanning kit! You've still got a week.

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    hide all receipts, all of the time.
    best way.

    go to Glasgow barrows for a genuine knock off ha ha
    or if you love her

    Ugg Boots Store - Authentic Australian Made Sheepskin Ugg Boots

    atb with it


    personally i would go to the barrows ha ha

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    I bought a pair for my daughter a few months back, from for 135. The website has free next day delivery but to purchase then for 135 you have to put in a discount code summer sun when at the checkout.


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    7 from tescos - albeit fake ones!

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    200 - where have you been shopping, Harrods ???

    I bought my daughter a pair recently from the legit store itself. They ranged from 70-140. Click here:

    She knows the delivery system is screwed so will prob be content to wait a week or so.

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    Just watch buying on line at the moment most courier company's are struggling with back logged consignments, you may not get them before Xmas.


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