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Thread: What a difference a bullet makes

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    What a difference a bullet makes

    I Recently bought a cracking looking Parker Hale 1100 ltw but to say i regretted it would be an understatement.

    The rounds i got thrown in were a mixture of factory 150 normas and some silly remmy 50grn accelerators, as soon as i scoped it i was out zeoroing.

    The long and short of it was 2" group at best with a spotless clean barrel ,oh well must be the ammo i thought after seeing brits raggy hole grouping from the same type rifle!

    I bought some 150 bt's/ varget and started to develop a load with out getting too in depth i had the heads up to the lands and vaious points back to factory length with various charges and primers, best i could achive was 1 1/2"/ 1 3/4"

    Couldn't fathom it thought it could be the trigger i had adjusted it down to 1.5lb but it had a bit of creep i couldnt eleviate so off to steve kershaws for a remedy, result new springs and a bit of polishing and now it was as sweet as a nut.

    Another box of heads up the spout and no improvement, now questioning the bedding
    and all manner of things, enough was enough and down to a local gunsmith with a bore scope as it had only shot 100rds previous to me and always been cleaned i never imagined that there would be anything wrong with the bore.

    The scope revealed a section of land that was damaged about 3" from the muzzle,
    i was gutted at the thought of lopping the barrel and spoiling the lines and looks that i had bought it for.

    At least though, i might be able to salvage something and make it shoot as i wanted.

    Anyway last night i got talking to a guy who shot a parker hale .308 and used nothing but sako factory gamehead 123gn, so a few were donated for me to try

    Result nothing but outstanding ! first group 4" higher than the 150s but sub 1"

    too good to be true ? before i re-tried it was given a good brush out and let properly cool down.

    I re adjusted the scope and with baited breath tried a second group, first fouling shot 1 1/4" left the other 3 within my thumb nail

    Sorted even with the damaged rifleing, now i can keep it all original cant wait to start using it in the field .

    Does anyone have first hand experience of .308 sako gameheads and out of interest would they be a flat based or boat tail ? looks like the lighter heads may be the way forward for this rifle . DF

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    Glad to hear the good outcome. You might recall I had good results using the Hornady 130 Gr SP and BLC-2 in my .308 1100 Lwt with excellent grouping.

    As for the Sako Gameheads a friend was using the SAKO factory ammo in his Finnlite and the deer seemed to drop OK.

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