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Thread: feeding park deer

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    feeding park deer

    Right chaps , whats the best feed for park deer through the winter , a chap tells me sugar beat is no use because it pulls out their teeth ? and they use more energy digesting it than they gain , he just uses wheat

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    good supply of carrots will make a difference and hay stacks

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    chap up the road gose to the bakers and collects all the old bread seems to do ok.

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    they get plenty of hey , i would have thought beats okay but i cant get my head round the pulling their teeth out bit

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    Not noticed any teeth falling out. I can tell you they love beat. So much so they can be quite demanding and pushy to get it.

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    Well thats what i thought , would you chop it with a shovel first

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    I imagine you'd want to watch the chop size, certainly with cattle if you get it wrong they can choke themselves quite spectacularly if it's just the wrong size. Had good experience of feedig beet to cattle, however, they love the stuff. The tops are excellent too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trouble View Post
    Well thats what i thought , would you chop it with a shovel first
    Rather sadly I chop it up with a hand axe and let them follow me. The hinds and calves get a look in this way at least and I have a great deal of fun. However when they become very tame they can be difficult but Its fun to me. Have not had a problem with the chop size yet but I can see that it might be an issue.

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    Fodder beat and hay, carrots are also good. Fodder beat whole or as it comes is fine as DVS said, you need to be careful with choke objects such as apples and the likes. We use unwashed fodder beat as this introduces minerals they wouldnt normally get from the park. The deer also love the mineral blocks on that note.

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    Mine show no interest in mineral or salt licks at all.

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