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Thread: Tikka T3 Trouble

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    Carl Gustaf

    Tikka T3 Trouble

    I've just this weekend brought a stainless/synthetic Tikka T3 'lite'. I have'nt put any rounds through it yet, just dry fired it twice. Bugger me the black plastic end cap (bolt shroud part no S5850243) off the bolt fell off and wont go back on! There doesn't seem to be any damage to it. As we say in the RN 'It just came off in my hand Chief'!
    Anyone out there had any similar experiences?

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    T3's are a pile of junk. Not a patch on the 595's or 695's and definitely nowhere near the quality of the M55's.

    Sorry but its true.

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    Carl Gustaf
    Message from Mrs Carl Gustaf.

    I read the manual and fixed it. I know it goes against all your core beliefs!

    Mr Carl Gustaf has been sent to bed without his tea and will not be allowed to play with his weapon for a while.

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    message for Mrs Charlie G

    Manuals are all well and good, but blokes like us, we just don't need to read them. It was purely coincidence that you managed to get it on.

    a few years ago i bought a bennelli nova and stamped on the choke key was "remove before firing"

    (i can read maps but not manuals)

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    As they say, If all else fails read the instructions,

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    Instruction manuals are for the unimaginative and intellectually challenged amongst us.

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    I bet you can read maps too

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    Carl Gustaf
    Now that Mrs Gustaf is out of the way, I can confirm that Swampy was right! Pure fluke! Anyway its working now and the manual is in the bin! ' It is the work of the devil and I will not have it in the house'! Imagine a book that can only be read by women? 'Witchcraft that's what it is'!
    Ooops she's coming back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bagpuss
    T3's are a pile of junk. Not a patch on the 595's or 695's and definitely nowhere near the quality of the M55's.

    Sorry but its true.

    I have a heavy barreled M55 Contenental in 22-250 with less than 200 rounds down it the new T3 are like a pile of scrap compared to the build quality of the old Tikkas if the shroud fell off playing with the damm thing imagine whats going to happen when you really use it.

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    Hi all,

    I purchased T3 Lite/Stainless in September 2006 and guess what? the plastic shroud fell of as soon as I dry fired it. It took a bit of working out how to replace it but when done I formed the opinion that it had merely been incorrectly fitted in the first instance. To date I have had no problems and a check of my game records show 15 beasts have been grassed by it. It is not an expensive firearm but a functional tool and you only get what you pay for (its definately not a Rigby). I dare say that should it let me down some day then I will be the first to complain but at the moment I cant see why it should, even the cheap plastic bits should survive a while.

    Cheers Remmy7

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