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Thread: The good/bad old days

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    The good/bad old days

    We've had an early hard winter this year that looks like it will run well into the new year and at the present everything is more or less shut down.

    In general in the 50's/60's, as us old ones can testify, Stag'33 in particular, winters like the ones we've had for the last 3 years were the norm, the difference being very few folk had cars, maybe 1 or 2 in the whole street, in some streets there were none but nearly eveyone had a push bike and you'd be surprised how well you can travel in the snow on one.

    90% of the folk worked within a mile of where they lived, so no need for cars really, most went on shanks' pony, if it was any further there was always the bus,quite often 'works busses laid on by the employers and normally subsidised.

    Farm work was manually intensive with farm workers/labourers living in 'tied' cottages usually within the confines of the farm so no need for transport, nowadays a couple of farm workers are 'shared' between several farms, every thing being heavily automated, today, literally today, there are winter crops, ie. sprouts, cabbage and leeks that cannot be harvested because the ground is frozen and the 'machines' can't cope so watch the price of fresh british produce rise. In the good/bad old days all this harvesting was done by hand regardless of the weather, quite often by housewives earning an 'extra few bob'.

    The majority of married women/mothers never worked , there was no such words as "house husbands", that is a figment of the 70's/80's

    Trains were good transport in those days, stations in even the small towns and some larger villages, most goods came mainly by rail and each station had it's fleet of 3 wheel wagons for local deliveries, none of these big artics, the only lorries you came across with regularity were coal wagons, then Mr Beaching decided in his wisdom to cut the railways to the bone, thousands of miles of track and hundreds of stations, all gone in the name of progress.

    Yes, we're all victims of progress, hundreds of cars, lorries and aircraft all snowed in, some progress, I can remember as a child of 6 walking to school with everyone walking in single file in a rut of snow 8" high on each side, no chelsea tractors in those days, nowadays, a few inches of snow and everything comes to a grinding halt, yep, that's progress for you !!!....callie

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    Callie, you struck a chord there mate, three wheeler Scammell artics, (Iron Horse) pulling a twelve ton box car, O.K. if your coupling was good!. Doctor Beeching was a right numptie, all those branch lines would be of good use today,.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Oh yes, I remember it well.

    I bet you feel better now

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    I do JAYB, I do

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    Was it really that good not much choice of food clothes that were worn by your bothers and dare i say it sisters , short trousers to school even when the hial was driving side ways and stinging your pour legs. Apple for the teacher while you got the cane down south or the leather belt up here and beleive me i had both. You didnt dare go to the toilet christ the paper was call izel and would remove enough layers of skin to leave scabs on your ass. Dads car didnt start most mornings you had to go out with a handle and crank it up , it took what felt like hours. Most of your friends you were not allowed to play with because they had been given majic porshion from nitty nora the buggs explorer. I could go on but its sunday and used to be a day of rest but i need to go to work. Which is some what prefareable to sitting on some long darkwooded puew in some dismally lit church waiting for a chance to dip your empty hand in the velvet money bag and come out with some money to spend after some hypocrit had place it there to cool there guilt for beating there kids up .You could then go to the corner shop that believe it or not was own by a local white person and was CLOSED on sundays

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    6pointer, The tawse, I remember and felt it often, and the old army great coat on the bed when it got colder, all good fun

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    Actually as I recall it was illegal to open a shop except for papers and a few other items on Sundays and then only for a limited time. The Romans had it right and built straight roads so nowhere for the asian corner shops . ( now that's an old joke if ever I saw one)

    Dad worked several miles from home so some sort of motor transport was useful. After the war he got a motor cycle althoguh it was 1949 he had a 1928 AJS that is A.J. Stevens Big port sports model which he still had in 1952. They didn't get a old Model Y Ford until 1959/60. There were no real employers in the small village so one had to travel. Before the war it was by push bike and if you got a punture and were a minute late for work you lost a 1/2 Hr but if you came by train//bus and it was lete you didn;t get docked. Where dad lived there was not bus route so push bike it had to be. His dad was a gamekeeper on an estate so they lived outside the village.

    You forgot no fridge. Dad brought our first one in 1957/58 and were were the first in the street with one. The bungalow where I was born was wood and asbestos and darned cold in winter. I can also recall summer hailstones the size of golf balls. The poor chap cutting the hay on the common was taken to hospital after getting caught out in that fall.

    As for clearing roads as I said ours does not get cleared normally but then we are rural and our nearest neighbour is about 300 yards away. We do our bit but just take it slow and make do same as always .

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    Well I do just remember some of the above. But sharing clothes was a definate, and army suplus clothes as well.

    Mind you it was no joke going to school dressed as a Japanese admiral Ehh JAYB

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    Yep I remember the good old days
    what was good about them
    considering I was brought up in the seventies

    A few things that spring to mind were hand me down clothes ,
    footwear was 3 holed steel toecapped boots which the old man got us free from his work
    god had not invented monkey boots by then, well not in part of the country
    working from the age of 11 just to help put food on the table and boy 11 hours a day stone picking was not fun, that was after you did your other other chores in the morning to start with
    walking every where, as we did not hav a car and the bus was every 24 hours, trains were not much better more cancellations than actuall service
    old man for ever on strike because of some union **** called for it , as it was supposed to bring a better working enviroment with better pay,
    I suppose free school meals were a bonus if you weren't to embarrased , I was just to hungry to care, but being a milk monitor payed divedends
    no one could afford to buy anything as no one had any money no matter how hard you worked
    great days wern't they
    but the funny part like mentioned was the snow issuse
    we used to get 10-15 feet snow drifts , It was the norm to open the front door to hav to dig a path through to the main street and as kids on the block it was deemed our responsibility to keep the paths open no matter,
    but in those days I do remember we had proper snow

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    EE lads youll remember Exarmy greatcotes and fur flying jackets then that was before everyone aquired donkey jackets.milk on the doorstep frozen and tops an inch above the top on the cream.

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