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Thread: Your experiance of Lundhag Boots

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    Your experiance of Lundhag Boots

    If you own a pair of Lundhags, Could you let me have your thoughts if they are worth the high cost.
    What do they wear like on heather
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    I had a pair of the old type. I filled them with water then walked in the river with them to soften and shape them, then packed them with newspapers and left them to dry out naturally.

    After several treatments of Nickwax they were fine - if a little 'boxy' on the feet, but they were fine with extra thick socks.

    I wore the sole off and sent them off to be resoled with vibram soles. I've re-stitched the uppers in places around the ankle areas and treated them with mutton tallow then tapped the stitching home.

    Maybe the newer model is a bit less old fashioned in its requirements, but mine ARE a bit work intensive.

    There's plenty of excellent, ready-to-wear boots on the market today at much less money , but everyone's tastes differ. If you do a lot in heather - maybe search around for more moulded leather and less seams to fray.

    Good luck in your search.
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    I have a pair of the "boxy feel" type,......... great ankle & foot support, almost up to current hse standards!. like anything else we take to the hill or the woods, look after them & they will reciprocate.
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    I've had a pair of Lundhags for about 8 or 9 years. I wear them when I go beating and (sometimes) stalking down South, and wear them on the Hill for my annual jaunt to Sutherland. I would happily invest in another pair. They are very comfortable and warm.

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    I have not had any for ten years, as I have had other calls on my money. I have missed them! I first had them during the late 70's and all through the 1980's, they were the best money could buy, and the best value too. One of these days when my kids finish emptying my wallet I will have another pair.

    They come (or did) with a three year guarantee, all of my recently bought boots have never made it that long (Hunter, Le crappo, Scarpa and Meindl). You can fit Lundhags with felt insoles to cope with arctic conditions too.

    As for the other boots, I think it is living in a a fairly moist environment with heavy clay soils which give the leather so much abuse, as I do look after the leather.

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    got mine when i worked on the fells they coped with heather fine , felt insoles where great in poland to -25 . Best boots ive had , their over 10 year old so if you spread the cost over that their quite cheap and i reckon their good for a long while yet

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    I had some many moons ago and loved them. Got some a few years back and hate them! They are really comfy and a pleasure to wear on "easy" grouind but hellish on rough ground,particularly sideslopes. They allow my feet to slip sideways as the rubber gives no support at all. I sent them back when I first noted this and Lundhag tinkered with them but they still behave like wellies. The new Syncro type may be better. Dry in 10mins when stuffed with newspaper plus very warm when worn with two pairs of socks

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    I recently bought a pair. They are well constructed boots. I wear a thin pair of socks inside a thick pair of socks. I find that my feet get cold and damp when I stop moving. They will last a long time and probably see me out. I wouldn't buy another pair, but I am not sure what I would buy instead. Regards JCS

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    I've got two pairs (wearing one now!) I live in them from the start of buck culling in August till the end of does in April. I have one pair (Professional High) larger than the other to accomadate the thick wool felt insole and a couple of pairs of socks and then one pair (not sure of the model, an older, simpler style) in the correct size for normal wear.

    They do need looking after, I use Lundhags special wax which, judging from the smell and the fact that the dogs try to lick it off as fast as I put it on, is made from animal fats.

    If you are not used to wearing big boots all day then they can feel a bit clumbersome. Take the time to get the right size, if you buy over the phone or interweb don't be afraid to sent them back for exchange if the fit is not just as you like it.

    I had one pair in the late '90s that let me down badly but I think these were a one off.

    As for whether they represent value for money, thats another question. Everyone values things differently. I would probably say that if you are likely to get a lot of use out of them then great, if they are only for occaisional wear then maybe not.

    You do see them on ebay quite often and as long as there are good photos, you can generally tell how much use they've had.


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    I used to use them years back and still have a pair of ski boots by them, I know Derek at Ballindalloch Stalking got a pair earlier on in the year and sent them back as the leaked badly, not sure how he got on with them.

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