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Thread: Look what santa brought me for crimbo.

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    Look what santa brought me for crimbo.

    At last, i got it.

    Some of you may remember or may have read that i had ordered a new Tika T3 stainless camo .270 Well, i got it on Friday morning.

    I took advice from folk about the moderator and fitted an A-tec CMM4 and put a spare 6x42 S/B on top.

    I have to go and zero it in for the first time tomorrow so am open to suggestions on the best way to do it regarding running the barrel in.

    Please note, i know the bolt is closed but it hasn`t even had a shot through it yet so i know it`s safe.

    ATB for Christmas and the new year to everybody on the SD site

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    santa loves you more than me

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    Wadas, couldn't even see the bolt mate!
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    Lucky you. You must have been a good boy this year.

    I'd be careful where you put that down in the woods.


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    Did the gun come in camo from tikka direct or did you send it away to be camo'd up. And on the running in there is thread on it in rifle and equipment care section.

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    Wadas, couldn't even see the bolt mate!

    Well done Wadas, get that christened ASAP!


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    When I was changing to a .270 I was wanting the Camo also, but as you know there is a huge waiting list, I couldn't wait...........I was then going to go for a Laminate but they didn't have any of them either, so I went with the common Stainless/Synthetic.

    But it does the job, I may at some point put on an aftermarket stock, I have the contact for some bloke who will do a thumbhole walnut for around 230, unfortunatley, he doesn't do synthetic.....

    Lovely looking rifle though, just be careful when you put it down that you can find it again.

    Have a good Christmas mate.


    PS, for shooting in, I just zeroed mine, adjusted after each shot, waited about 3-4 mins inbetween and that's all I did, (maby 7 or 8 shots) shoots same POI clean or dirty, (Only cleaned it once in a year), probably shot 20 rounds through it now.
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    Hi Wadas,
    what a strange thing taste is. I'm looking at a Tikka myself which has been apparently "dipped" in a trough of cammo paint. I was going to get it stripped off asap as it just doesn't appeal to me at all. However, having just looked at you photo, I'm having second thoughts. I might just shoot with it and see if it continues to grow on me. My main concern is losing it while out hunting.

    Have a great Christmas mate.


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    gr8 stuff i would b interested on how u get on with the A tec looking 4 something 4 my steyr pro mountain
    good hunting

    ps i do much the same as above regarding zero ,running in. once i find ammo the rifle likes i hate tampering with it !

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    TJ I feel your shooting in is not really what is expected to keep a barrel at the top of its gane for years to come Shooting in is differnt to sighting in and the later can only be done after the former. Get it on a large board then shoot with out any thought to how accurate it is clean after each round for the first 5 then 3 sets of three then three sets of five. Then get a proper target up and zero it you must allow for contaminates to clear out of the barrel pull through with a clean patch and shoot again it can take 50 rounds just to do it correct but it will get you very familiar with your rifle. I wish you well with it and hope its a luckie gun

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