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Thread: 8x42 or 10x42

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    8x42 or 10x42

    Between the 2 which would you recommend and why? Binos that is
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    I've only had 3-12 variable or 8x fixed scope, mainly as the mag setting on the variable stayed on 8x until I wanted to see where I'd struck the target when I'd 'zoom' in for closer inspection.

    Similarly I've just bought a pair of 8x binos over the 10x. This is because they have a larger field of view, and the general picture seems brighter, and better in low light.

    Hope that helps.


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    Really sorry meant to add its for binos not a scope sorry


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    I do a lot of woodland lowland stalking and would find it hard to use the 10x mag with out a wee bit of shake but if most of my stalking was open hill ground i might take the larger mag .So for me the option would be 8

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    I have a Swaro 10 x 42 and Zeiss 8 x 42 binos. the 8's are better in a woodland setting, better low light abilities wide field of view and less fiddling with the focus ring. For the hill or longer range viewing the 10's are a better tool. Having said all that i used the 10's for all stalking for several years before i purchased the Zeiss 8's.
    Hope that helps.

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    Cheers guys ill do mostly forest stalking, but with some big open areas as well, may do some highland hill stuff later. I have some 8x32 which are great for everything, but i struggle when i start to lose the light, would the 8x42 make a real difference?

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    go 8x42..Lighter to carry and better at low light..

    atb steve

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    10's would be better for looking at antler detail/quality

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    Spoony get the 8 x 42 compaired to 10 x 32's the difference is quite alot. i have 8x42 and 10x30's both swarovski.
    At very low light i can see twice as well with the 42's compaired to the 30's. I woodland stalk and would never take the lighter 8x30's due to lack of definition with low light [ you can see deer but can not see antler] ! you NEED to see clearly .
    10 x 42 gives you a smaller field of view less light gathering and are more prone to shake.

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