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    Gore tex care

    Hello all.

    Do any of you have any advice for gore tex trouser care? I've had a pair of pro hunter trousers for a couple of years now and I'm suspecting that a little moisture is getting in around the knees now. I was curious whether it can be mended with a quick 15 minute blast in the tubble drier - as mentioned elsewhere on the forum.

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    I think they may be worn at the stress point "knee".
    My understanding of the manufacturing process is this, a very fine PTFE (teflon) sheet is drawn out then a saline salt water solution is laid over one side of it and it eats microscopic holes through the membrane, the surface tension created by raindrops is larger than these holes and so cannot enter through the membrane but steam (sweat) can pass out of it.
    But when we sweat salt is also created so we slowly eat away at the very membrane and after say 5 years it is no longer up to the job. I have a Bundeswehr goretex jacket bought used and it is less waterproof than the unissued one I managed to find later on.
    Sorry about the techno answer.

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    The gore-tex website (Home Page - GORE-TEX Products) has some useful instructions on maintaining their fabrics - and there appears to be a "guaranteed to keep you dry" promise where they will repair or replace where the fabric has failed.

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    Sometimes if the pores get blocked with dirt and grime it doesnt work as well, get some nikwax tec wash follow instructions , and then when its dry , a few mins in the tumbler on low heat, works well with all my gore tex hiking clobber

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    Nikwax techwash followed by TX direct and a low heat tumble. TX direct is good stuff

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    Dont use TX direct on your Pro Hunters. TX Direct is not for Goretex with a peached inside membrane, it will waterproof the peaching(!) and make them very very sweaty

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    Gore Tex likes a good wash. Stick it in the washing machine with Grangers Wash which you can get from any good back packing store, or a non bio powder. In terms of replacing the DRW (Durable Water Repellancy) use Grangers spray on DWR which can be applied only to the outside. Their wash in product gets on the inside as well which defeats the object somewhat. Introduce it to the tumble dryer on a low heat for an hour and it will once more be beading water off the surface.

    There is a good chance that if they have seen some action you might have some invisible damage to the membrane or the seam tape might be lifting/damaged. This will require a return to the manufacturer who should be able to re tape or repair. The Gore warranty is for the reasonable lifetime of the product. If it is in reasonable condition the manufacturer is required to repair or replace (under the terms of their licence agreement with Gore). If they have had a hard life and considered knackered you will probably be pointed towards a new pair.

    Gore Tex is "THE" fabric. Nothing on the market is as durably waterproof and breathable. It is not however indestructable and does need looking after. You can go cheaper but you will not get the performance. If you're a woodland stalker who doesn't go out in the rain it doesn't matter too much, but if you like the more extreme end of the sport there is no better.
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