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Thread: HOWA Rifles

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    yes that looks like a really good deal. i saw that.


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    i think so

    I think they are good, quite a few guys on here use them. they are japanese produced and also produced for weatherby as thier vangard. they have some excellant features from great rifles.

    remmy are worth looking at now because of the exchange rate.


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    Thanks swampy, much appreciated.

    What about the scope? it's a Nikko Sterling 3-9 - 14 I think? The stock on the rifle is also thumbhole!! Looks the business.

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    Nikko sterling scopes are ok, they are not a really good make but they are ok and usable. I have bushnells on mine. The specc and 40mm obj lens is ok for stalking. some people have scopes with really big obj lens which means they have to be lifted up high so your eye line is very high. Big magnification is also no advantage to the stalker.

    If i was buying a new rifle i would consider the howa with a synthetic stock and stainless barrel.

    have a look at this, we have done this one before?

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    Thanks again swampy,

    I have read the previous thread and can't really see that anyone has anything really bad to say about them. I suppose I could buy the package and flog the scope on ebay then by a Leupold.

    Thanks for the Peter Lawman link, that really is excellent value. I will only be using it about 10 times a year in total so am loathed to spend 600 on a rifle then 300 on a scope and another 200 on bits n pieces!

    The only problem is that I have two friends who have vowed never to speak to me again if I buy one! They have told me to buy nothing other than a remmy or tikka but then I can always get new friends!!

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    For the amount of use i would buy the deal !

    Tikkas are good ! But are the most shockingly built to a budget rifles on the market.

    Remmington are also good rifles but need tweaks to make exceptional

    Don't dismiss the nikko scope try it before you make your mind up about it . you do Not need a large vari scope to shoot well a fixed mag scope is the way forward.

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    Howas are great rifles, very well built.
    I went for a stainless sporter in 22-250. With the original plastic stock she
    would shoot 3/4" to 1" groops and with my composite stock two loads print 1/4" 3 shot .
    If I where you, I'd try to get a scope with 50mm lense. Just a bit more light for dusk.


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    I have just been talking to the bloke who is threading the HOWAs for their moderators and he is going flat out. Apparently the things are 'flying off the shelf'. The market is usually quite a good indicator of how good a product is ....... maybe.

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