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Thread: Firearm Law Debate.

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    Firearm Law Debate.

    Currently watching the debate on the possible reform of firearms law. It's going surprisingly well to be honest with MP's many arguing in favor of not tightening current laws. Chris Williamson, former chairman of the LACS by the way, was arguing in favor of a full gun ban nationwide, but he came across pretty badly to be honest. Typical left wing idiot sensationalizing everything.

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    Sorry but this Chris Williamson is really annoying. He's practically a joke to be honest with you, but you should listen to the drivel he's spouting about young people and guns.

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    When they re legitamise pistol ownership I will condider returning to the isle.

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    I got in many an argument years ago, in the Derby Evening Telegraph letters page when Mr Williamson was in local government, total anti, he will never change.



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    Not much interest in this subject less than 10 MPs in the house!!


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