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Thread: big cats

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    big cats

    funny old thing ive noticed is we only seem to hear about pumas and the like in summer when the covers up but now when the covers are liad bare and we have a covering of snow so you can track every last mortal beast we dont hear a word about them , maybe they fly about the place like pink elephants or maybe its a load of rubbish

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    C'mon Trouble, everyone knows that they hibernate !!!

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    They go into deep cover in this weather, apparently they are the YETI's favorite meal

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    The only time i saw one was in the snow and again we found pad marks in the snow the next day.


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    but never had a camera or phone to take pictures of the tracks , how strange

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    i have seen a black panther, was when i was around 12 out walking with my mum and dad.
    i could tell you the story not that you'd be interested by the look of the comments already posted

    not that this will help at all
    but i know they exist have seen it with my own eyes

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    how big are there pug marks scale wise ??

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    Had report of big cat locally a few years ago, sheep found wedged in a tree with throat ripped out, but land owner and myself came to the conclusion it was a species known as "lampers with lurchers" more commonly known as Pikeys.

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    This is one of two reports in the local rag recently.

    More big paw prints found in Hyndburn From Lancashire Telegraph)

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    Big Cats my arse

    That photo of the paw print shows, er, nothing! No tape for scale and partly melted, doesn't even really look too cat like either.

    There are plenty of lampers and stalkers on this forum who spend god knows how many hours out and about at the time of day when these so called beasts would be spotted. Not one photo, not one kill. That suggests to me that they're not out there.

    People need to get out more, read some of the Jim Corbett or Peter Hathaway Capstick books to find out what the big cats are all about!

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