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Thread: Buying From USA

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    Buying From USA

    Can anyone on here tell me what the deal is when buying kit from the States, or in particular from Cabela's regarding prices being affected by import duty and vat etc?

    I seem to recall a couple of posts recently that appeared to comment on not being hit for certain surcharges but unfortunately I did not pay enough attention to them at the time.


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    Just got a Laser Range finder from the states, I had to pay 20% + 8 surcharge carged by the carrier for clearing it for you so for a low value shipment it is probably not worth it. with the price I payed for the range finder + the 50 I had to pay it is still 120 less than I can get it in the uk so..............


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    Cabelas will charge 25% of order value for surface shipping, 45% for air.

    Surface = USPS = Royal Mail + 20% VAT now plus a handling fee of 20.

    Air = UPS = 20% VAT plus 32 handling fee.


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    The big rip off on importing is that if you d get hit for duty theycharge the import duty not only on the item but the shipping then they charge VAT on the new amount so you actually pay tax upon the tax. That's if the customs do decide to actually pass on you goods. I had a package from Gunparts Corp (Numrich Arms) held up for over 6 months by customs a few years back they thn sent a Police man from the city 45 miles away and a customs chap froma city 60 miles away to the house twice as first time no one was in to try and collect 1.21 in duty.

    The reason for the Police was to enquire why gun parts were being delivered to mother's house which didn't have a FAC. The gun parts were an original P14 rear sight and two sets of 1" Weaver type scope rings none of which are restricted. I placed the order in October and they had not arrived by Christmas so contacted Gunparts who then did a check and assumed they had got lost so sent a replacement shippment free of charge. The Customs tried to collect the Duty due on the original shippment in June the following year. They were most upset to be told that I had already received the parts and didn't want their package. Plus I certainly was not going to pay for it after already getting it.

    They left it on the doostep and left with no money The policeman wanted to know why the parts were being delivered here so she told them as the order had been placed using her CC so the parts were delivered to the card holders address. Also that a Milsurp rear sight and scope rings didn't require a FAC which he then said we know that so why are you wasting all this time and money Mother asked. They didn't have an answer and left.

    I e-mailed Gunparts and told them what had happened and offered to return the parcel but they said not don't bother just keep it. No wonder Customs cost so much .

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    Heh!, Kev, just received a cd rom from Perry systems in the states, little tiny jiffy bag, as you can imagine, BIG STICKER on it!, 16.0sum odd vat etc, handling etc!!!, this consignment must be signed for AND payment made before hand over................. postie just gave it to me with all the rest of the stuff!
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    Finn that has happened to me with a set of dies direct from Lee.

    Hannam quoted over 6 months for delivery so I went direct and had them in under 10 days the dies were 8x56R Hungarian and 7.5x55 Swiss not quite your run of the mill ones. Sadly I had to go and collect and pay up for the Schmidt-Rubin rifle from Switzerland .

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    Add on about 30% to the purchase price and that will be about right.

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    Bottom line is NOT to buy from the USA.

    Either visit and buy or.......

    Have friends in the USA who wish to send you low value gifts....


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    Quote Originally Posted by smullery View Post
    Bottom line is NOT to buy from the USA.

    Either visit and buy or.......

    Have friends in the USA who wish to send you low value gifts....

    That's OK until some light fingered barsteward lifts your package as happened to some custom made mono metal HP target bullets that a friend sent me to try out. We are still awaiting their arrival over one year later. I think we can say some light fingered barsteward has had them away. Not even the customs are that slow!

    Obviously the old target sights I sent to him were of no interest and they arrived safely.

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    Do it within the system and you pay the "Duties"

    Do it outwith the system and you don't get the goods....

    Bottom line is that you pay......


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