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Thread: bringing home the bacon

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    bringing home the bacon

    I have watched and followed the wild boar posts with interest. The eoropean driven hunts seem very exciting and enloyed by many on this site. I as a traditional highland stalker find this method of hunting goes against a lot of what i hold dear, ie aproach your quarry in their own ground and get the better of them by your knowlege and skill.But fully aknowlege that in their enviroment this is probably the the best way to get them. So i am torn between what to do, and the intruge of trying something new. The thing is , I would totaly go for it if it were possible to take home what i shoot. Now , here i must mention the fact that although being a total carnivore in my diet, i only eat meat that , i have dispatched myself, or been there when it was dispached, or aquired from someone that i can trust that has followed the same code. My question is this, can you legaly bring home meat that you have shot on these trips? I have norwigian clients who come here regularly to shoot hinds in order to take the meat home, which they do legaly, and on a plane!!! Can anyone put me right on this? I see that wilde boar are shot in uk, What is the position here? I have bought wild boar ( farmed) but what iam interested in is WILD boar. Does anyone have any for sale .(i am in scotland), that are truly wild? i have tried solway stalker but with no reply (i fully understand that he is a busy guy) .Just that it is aproaching Hoggmanay, and i thought a menu of wild boar would be appropriate. They would have to have been shot, in the wild , free ranging , and in the skin.( i am a fussy sod ) but hey thats the way it is. Can any one help?
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    I am sure you can if you have your MHC i have had quite a few of my roe deer go across the border to Belgium and Germany. They lads had no problem,s

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    Bottom line is that if you LEGALLY AQUIRE the meat in the EU then it's in free circulation and can be moved within the EU. Down to you about cold chain etc.

    Your airline might have a view of what you take as hand luggage though....


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    so if i went by car, shot a big pig , in the boot , i could arrive home with it?

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    nip down the forest of dean or round kent way , ive shot boar in poland and their good eating but never tried to bring any meat back

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    <H1 class=pageTitle>The Fresh Meat (Import Conditions) Regulations 1996</H1><H3 class=accessibleText>You are here:</H3>

    Fresh meat originating in a relevant EEA State

    8. No person may import into Great Britain fresh meat which originated in a relevant EEA State other than the United Kingdom unless—
    (a)it has been obtained in accordance with Articles 3, 4 and 8a of Council Directive 72/461/EEC(1), as amended by the provisions listed in paragraph 3 of Schedule 5, on health problems affecting intra-Community trade in fresh meat;
    (b)subject to regulation 10, it has been obtained from animals slaughtered in an establishment on a list of approved establishments drawn up by a relevant EEA State under Article 10 of the fresh meat Directive; and
    (c)any special importation requirement is satisfied.

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    Incidentally, the last FMD outbreak was eventually attributed, in the first instance and without proof, to the import of infected meat. (Probably illegally imported).

    Of even more interest, might be the fact that Government has stated an intention to hold future importers of disease infected animals/meat (i.e. whether alive or dead) wholly responsible for the financial repurcussions of the spread of any disease so introduced to these shores.

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    On the other hand, you can ride a horse and cart through the regulations intended to protect our domestic food production, if you wish. However, I refer you again to her Majesty's Government's stated intentions, re: responsibilty.

    Personal imports

    4. These Regulations do not apply to imports of fresh meat—
    (a)forming part of a traveller’s personal luggage and intended for his personal consumption; or
    (b)sent as small packages on a non-commercial basis,
    provided that the fresh meat so imported comes from a third country, or part thereof, listed in Schedule 1 and the quantity does not exceed 1kg.

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    Tamus. I am a farmer also, The last thing i would do is bring in f&m. I just wanted clarification of the rules.Reading thru all that hm govs directives etc i gues not!!! Why the hell cant our and her majestie's goverment speak in a language that we can understand? No wonder people break the rules when they cant even understand what the rules are-----jeeze.
    Norway have got it right, provided the meat is for personal use , and aquired from a wild animal by the hunter that shot the annimal and that country has no ongoing notified disease that might afect the meat.Iam not talking monkeys in suitcases here.

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