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Thread: S&B Zenith 3-12x50

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    S&B Zenith 3-12x50

    Hi, I am about to order the above mentioned scope. Being lazy I was wondering if anyone knew what size Butler Creeks I will need? Also from my reckoning and from Sako's info I should be able to get away with Optilock LO 30mm rings for it on a sporter contour barrel (max 67mm objective outer diameter)that should give me a few mm to slip the Butlers on? Anyone run the same setup?

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    Have you looked here:

    Looks like 17 and 40.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Thanks very much, the last time that I looked at that chart they didn't have the Zenith on there although that was a few years ago!

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    Have the same scope mounted on a sako l691 and it is mounted on the extra low mounts clearance over the thicker breach end of barrel is about 2mm but have at least 4mm under in front of that the lens caps supplied with scope fit easily with a good couple of mil spare.
    P.S Thats bases and extra low rings not completes on mine.
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    The 3-12x50 Zenith has 57mm objective diameter so size 40 butlet creek.
    Eye piece has 43mm diameter, so size 18 butler creek.
    These will work. If in doubt I rather take a size that fits loose and put a layer of
    electrical tape over the scope.
    Especially the eye piece you don't want to rip off the rubber piece when removing a
    too tight fitting scope cap.

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    tape the Butlers on, they will work loose, especially if you have to crawl.
    Good covers, excellent scope - I love mine!!
    Happy Christmas

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