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Thread: Young buck

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    Young buck

    Captured this little chap ouy in the snow yesterday

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    Very nice nell was he on his own.

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    Yes he was,is, he got split from mum on a bird shoot a couple of weeks back and has taken up residence in asmall wood on the farm, he is getting used to the bike passing bye, making it fairly easy to snap him...

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    Nice pic! you can just see that velvet starting. I saw a mature buck on my patch a couple of days ago with a full 3 in of velvet.



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    Deffo the most beautiful deer (roe) on Gods planet??

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    Deffo the most beautiful deer (roe) on Gods planet??
    I wouldn't argue very strongly against that assertion.


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    That's a lovely picture

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