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    leupold thread

    looking at buying leupold 4.5 x 14 x 50mm b & c recticle from ebay from usa. any one uesd this scope ,give me idea if it as good as it says and also,any one brought from usa price looks good and warranty still stands. however price seems to good to be true!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    You might end up paying the inport duty to customs and that could put the price up to what it would be from the UK


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    i did e mail them and they said price was as it stands

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    Just got clobbered for the import on a Leupold 1000TBR, still 120-175 better off. Do the maths before you order it. You will pay 20% + 8-25 handling charge.


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    cheers ill look into it,according to price i save 300 plus and i contacted leupold and warranty still stand.just things that are to good to be true normally are!

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