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Thread: Moonlight vigil (no lamp required).

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    Moonlight vigil (no lamp required).

    Just got in from 3 1/2 hours of waiting for foxy.
    Its the brightest night i've seen in a very long while.
    So it saw me parking up and sitting with the binos in 3 vantage points.
    An hour in each then a drive around to warm the cab up and then another hour.
    All I saw though were many many hares and rabbits.
    But the excitment was great.
    I could pick hares up at 500+m's with my zeiss bins.
    Will have another go tomorrow night (moon permitting).
    Its a great way of taking care of lamp shy foxes and very sporting also.
    Try it.

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    cant get them every time can you.
    Good Shot Reload...

    was suffering from withdrawals

    merry xmas frank

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    so am i
    the crunchy snow is making my catch frase extinct

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    Was out walking the dogs round the fields a couple of hours ago. One of the most peaceful, stunningly bright nights I can remember. Felt like walking on and on but dogs started looking at me like I was daft. -12 and dropping. All I saw was hares...

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    Just in from a spin round three farms... Deep and crisp and even.

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    The temps on my shoots are so low that nothing is about, two days of virgin snow, then just a few bunny prints yesterday.
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    Similar to FB here (guess were in a similar location) but ive not given up!! Not many bunnies out out night 9but must be bustt during the day because my perms are peppered with tracks (both bunny and fox). Went out for a couple of hours last night with a mate and shot 5 bunnies with the HMR (needed some liver for xmas day pate ) and need a couple for baiting up. Will be out later to bait an area that ive not had chance to go back to yet but will keep him(or her) interested for the rest of the week and then stalk it out.

    have to say I agree with John, its great being out in teh snow at noght, one of the bunnies I shot I didnt even use the lamp (moon broke out of the clouds), can see anything thats out from a good 100 yards just with the eyes.

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    I have accounted for nearly a dozen on pre baited areas, more by chance than anything I was baiting well before this weather came in and now its here I can account for plenty before lambing while sat in the landy with a coffee.... nothing like an easy life

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    I did see a strange thing at 2am this morning... a field of virgin snow with a fox showing from a ditch and the lamp picked up a brown lump in the centre of the field. I couldn't make out what it was so i walked towards it and the "lump" got up and flew away, it was about 20 mallard huddling up together for a heat.
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    I was out last night and using the lamp was useless. The frost crystals just reflect back 100's of 'fox eyes' in every spot so it got chucked in the back. In the end we just saw a load of hares and a badger. Charlie was curled up somewhere staying out of the cold no doubt.

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