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Thread: 308 Rifle

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    308 Rifle

    Hi All
    I am looking for a 308 Rifle, or full set up for the new year, I would like a sako 85 but will have to see how the funds are after Xmas.
    If anyone has a good one for sale or knows of a good deal i would be greatfull.

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    Hi Paul, I have a Steyr Mannlicher .308 complete with Kahles 2.2-9 x 42 scope. I am considering selling early next year. Please feel free to bell me on 01787 238386 or 07798 792619 if the rifle is of interest. I am based in North Essex/Suffolk border.

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    Hello Sreve
    would you be able to send some photo's, could you also let me know something about it please.
    many thanks

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    Hi Paul, The rifle is on my profile pic. I will take some more pictures and send them tommorow. It is a model L, I bought it new about 12 years ago. It has some signs of use but still shoots very well. It is not screw cut for a moderator. I actually have a choice of 2 Kahles scopes one is reticle no 1 (3 Post) the other reticle 4. I also have a Forster benchrest die for reloading and some other reloading components. I am considering selling it as I would like a custom rifle. The Steyr is a perfect stalking rifle and I have shot everything from Boar to Foxes with it. Not sure what it is worth but would like 1200 ono for the whole set up.

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    Hi Paul, I have taken some images but am too dim to upload them to this thread. If you are still interested and would like the pics please pm me your e-mail and I will send them to you.



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