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Thread: Sako 85 Finlight

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    Sako 85 Finlight

    Just a quick question guys im thinking of buying a Sako 85 Finlight in .308 but im not keen on the stock can you get these form gmk with a wooden stock or is it a case of finding another supplier !

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    I think you will find the finnlight comes as standard synthetic , no wooden option.

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    wouldnt another sako 85 stock fit it? What is it about the finnlight that you like and want opposed going for another of the 85 range?

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    It would be cheaper to order one with a wooden stock i thought as appose buy the rifle then order another stock ! i'm not sure but i don't think the other 85's come with a fluted barrel !

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    Can you get barrels fluted post production? Saying that, thats probably more hassle than buying the finnlight and replacing the stock.

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    Hi Ben cheaper to get another stock i think , i dont like the light coloured inserts in the stocks although the ordinary 85's have all black stocks and after the trouble with my Remington i've gone off synthetic stocks !

    Cheers joncarnage ill try them as my local gun shops not much help unless it's on the shelf to sell !

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    i thought you had sorted your remington stock? i was thinking the other day that the wooden stock on my 595 hasnt moved and its been out in all sorts of conditons..

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    Quote Originally Posted by joncarnage View Post
    Give GMK a ring

    Tel: +44 (0)1489 579 999

    I take it you are joking suggesting that the poor guy rings GMK with this query? Thats just cruel and at Christmas too! He'll be lucky to find someone who knows what a Finnlight is let alone what the stock options are! JC

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    There isn't anybody in that building really, is there

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