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Thread: Teckel Stud wanted

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    Teckel Stud wanted

    Hey everyone, I'm having difficulty sourcing a good stud dog for my Teckels. Is anybody on here in the south west who may have one or know of one?

    Thanks in advance

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    hi leveller
    hav you tried brenda at the teckel society as she will know every one that you need to know and about their dogs , she has dedicated her life so far, trying to get the teckel registered in its own right, in this country
    hav not got a number for her at hand but can find it if you still need it
    pm me if required and will also try and source another number for a fella down devon/dorset way who has some very well bred teckels

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    hi leveller have got a teckel live just off a303 near mere . where you from .

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    I do have Brenda's number but have had trouble contacting her.

    I've sent you a pm Roedinator

    Thanks again both of you

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    Stud Teckel


    Have you tried It might be a bit far for you but he has the current Danish Champion in his kennel. My mate used it on his bitch last week and it is a cracker


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    Thanks Capreolus you're right it is a bit far but that's a wonderful site thanks for sharing the link

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