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    looks like a trip to US will happen in March. The local dealer to where I'm going is stocking nosler partitions at $20 per 50 (12 ish, vs. 45 here in UK). If I pack them into my luggage, could I get into trouble at customs on either side of the pond?

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    It might be wise to declare this side to customs. Providing you have expanding on your ticket in that calibre and don't exceed you limit I cannot see a problem.

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    No issue WHATSOEVER on this side of The Pond. The biggest problem you would face is getting so many that your bag exceeds the 50-pound (weight) max.


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    I do it all of the time (normally only take bullet heads / tips) packet in my luggage stored in the hold, as long as you do not go over the limit on your certificate there should not be an issue.

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    Hi Pkl
    I brought a thousand v-max back last trip no problems

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    here in scotland my local dealer tells me they don't care about my FAC, and wouldn't even look at it before selling me bullets. they stated that as long as I don't fully reload more than I'm permitted to hold, it's fine, but that I could have ammo 'components' for WW3 if I so wanted?


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