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Thread: Hornady SST heads

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    Hornady SST heads

    I purchased 100x 95g .243 SST heads a couple of days ago with 50x 150g .308 Nosler BT heads, all for the reloading of stalking rounds. The supplier wrote the Nosler BT's on my FAC but not the SST's. This surprised me as other suppliers had put the SST's on in the past. I questioned him and was told that whilst the SST's do expand and are suitable for deer/fox, they are in actual fact designed as a target bullet in the same way as some of the hollow point ones on the market, and as such, should not be written in on FAC's.

    Interested to know if any body else has had this experience?


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    I'm afraid that's a load of ********.

    Hornady SST's are listed as SST Interlock Hunting bullets in their catalogue, and are definitely Section 1 Expanding 'prohibited' - just as Nosler Ballistic Tips are. Designed to expand or deform in a controlled manner.... I believe the 1997 Firearms Amendment Act definition is.

    The man must be getting confused with Hornady A-Max. Superficially these are similar,but don't have a canellure like the SST's, and come in odd weights of 155gr, 168gr, and 178gr - so not likely to get confused with typical hunting bullet weights.

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    That's right, anything that says hunting, expanding, game or words that suggest used in hunting are expanding. Anything that says target, match etc is not.

    Some forces have said though that components ie the expanding bullets will nolonger be classed the same as loaded ammo and dealers don't have to write them on your ticket.

    But, still get them on your ticket cause it shows you've been buying and using.

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    You have confirmed my thoughts on the SST's re legality. The RFD that sold them to me is very well known and a big supplier of reloading components in East Kent. The police here, still require expanding heads to be written onto your license. The supplier is 40 miles plus away from me so its not going to be easy to get the entry ammended. Think I may have to give the firearms dept a call to see if they will let me make the entry on my own ticket.


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    I wouldn't do that. It'll just cause grief for you and the dealer. He'll be very unlikely to welcome you back.

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    You're not a fault don't worry just remember for next time

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    I wouldn't loose any sleep over it


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    Correct, don't worry about it although the dealer is wrong. As stated above, the SSTs are a hunting bullet and designed to expand.

    Expanding bullets don't have to be entered on your certificate. They should however be entered in the dealer's register.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim1 View Post
    Expanding bullets don't have to be entered on your certificate.


    Unfortunately for me
    West Mids require us to do so, as well as non-expanding heads also
    even the local RFD's were also told they had to write them onto our tickets aswell and this has been the case for several years now

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    I can't recall ever having bullets recorded on my certificate - only factory loaded ammunition.

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