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Thread: DVD of Cape Buffalo

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    DVD of Cape Buffalo

    Hi all, a few years ago i saw at a friends house a dvd of a guy shooting charging cape buffs and i would like to know if anyone has any idea were i could get a dvd of it.I cant find it on ebay and dont think it is sold the usuall places.

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    hi there was it by mark sullivan

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    I have a two disc one my Cragi boddington

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    I would bet the dvd you watched was Death at my feet by mark sullivan. Just type death at my feet in youtube and theres a clip

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    Thanks for the input guys.I have just located a web site selling the DVD,s and it is called Zimbi books and gun accesories from Petoria in S.A.They have all the Mark Sullivan and Boddington DVD,s not cheap at about 35 plus postage but i will get a couple for sure.

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    Hold the phone Tusker!

    Steady on tusker, I bought a few of these the other day on ebay. All brand new, sealed and definately not copies. I paid 15 each. I bought Death by double rifles and Death at your feet. When i finish work I'll post the link for you or send the chaps web address, he's got loads.

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    +1 that i got death at my feet for 15 + 1 for postage on ebay

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    Check out Siimark LTD. They are based in Hertfordshire and offer a very good service.

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    This is deffinatly the best web site of its kind,parastalker many thanks for the info i have just ordered from Siimark cant thank you enough.There are so many knowledgeble guys on this site and all willing to share,great.

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    Hi Mark,
    Did they not give you the option of making a DVD on you trip, as most of them do.
    If they did, I'd like to see that posted on here.

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