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Thread: Antlered roe doe shot.

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    Antlered roe doe shot.

    Shot this doe and follower this morning.

    I will post some photos soon but am getting ready for a days partridge shooting tomorrow so won't get it done today.
    A client shot them both she has 2 pedicles and 1 long anter.
    She also had an old leg injury which was completely healed.
    My good still camera is knackered so the photos are stills off my video camera so only 1 MP.
    So I will take some better ones in the larder tomorrow afternoon after shooting.

    You might notice i change my catch frase to "NICE shot reload".
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    Thats about bloody right that is, I new I should have pulled out all the stops to get across today when you offered it to me last night but instead I got to have a 12 hour shift in the a mill . Congratulations on that robbo I bet you both were really happy with that one, would have really loved to have something as as strange as that but thats life, maybe next time i'll make it.


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    As promised.
    A little late but i've had to deal with an illness (one of my dogs passed away over christmas).

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    Very nice john you dont see one like that everyday, i bet your client is well chuffed although i dont know how you are going top that for him next christmas.

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    shot a doe and followers a few years ago with very similar head

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