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    gamekeepers jobs

    has anyone got any links to searching for gamekeeper jobs or underkeepers jobs uk please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by timberdog View Post
    has anyone got any links to searching for gamekeeper jobs or underkeepers jobs uk please?
    best advice I can give you is get in by offering your help to keepers free of charge learn all you can and keep your ears open almost all the jobs go before they are advertised the ones that are have hundreds of applicants. Word of mouth and contacts are the 2 most important things. If you inpress those around you you will get in sooner or later.
    Send me a few details by PM and I will keep my ears open.

    Best of luck


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    good advise , get yourself into sparsholt or newton rigg and help out on shoots to make contacts , dont be afraid to ask questions , him as knows it all aint done none

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    The last two posts are sound advice.this is what i did. Jion the NGO they can put you in touch with employers but offering your help will get you your foot in the door

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    i persoally wouldnt bother unless your qualified , and thats speaking from experience !

    i spent 10 yrs under a keeper learned all the tricks of the trade , and when it came to the point of moving on and finding another boss i applied from over 30 keepering possitions and only got 5 replys saying "sorry your not qualified"

    i now specialise in deer management and contracting work !

    cheers lee

    Discretion assured
    - call us anytime, free on 0800 689 0857

    please visit our web site:
    http://uksha1 or find us on facebook
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    All good advice, I think the days of just getting in to keepering by helping out and getting known are pretty well over, unless of course you are a keepers son!
    Today it seems that you need a piece of paper before you can do anything, learning from those who have done it and know seems to carry little weight anymore.
    Some of the very best keepers i know learnt from others as boys and never looked back, some not so good have lots of qualifications!

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    sparsholt is about the best starting place. you will get the best training and certification you need these days.
    Also at end of season there are many keepers that could do with helping hand .especially if you are keen this will give you good experiance.And you will meet people on the working side of shooting .Believe me alot of these jobs are found because of who you know!And how keen you are.

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    Yes the NVQ is a good start and there are many out there with them who arnt in keeping. I think you do need the bits of paper but word of mouth will get you further. I know I used to deliver and assess both Level 2 and 3 gamekeeping and woodland management NVQ, but there is nothing as good as a recommendation. You need both to be honest. And with the greatest of respect to Lee 30 seems a lot but you do have to apply for hundreds to get a chance through advertising and above all the industry does seem to have times of high intake and then only a low intake for a year or two. Word of mouth goes a lot further than you would think.


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    There are some in this weeks shooting times
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Surprisingly I would disagree with the Sparsholt recommendation. As the four page spread in the ST earlier this year would testify to, Wiltshire College Lackham is on the rise! Sparsholt is an excellent college, but we have our own commercial shoot run entirely by our gamekeeping students. Last year we had an excellent success rate in getting National Diploma students into gamekeeping jobs, and that was before I had taken over the course and begun to increase our industry exposure.

    If you are interested in any of the gamekeeping options we offer, or about the college in general, drop me a PM.

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