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Thread: Foxing for the idle.

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    Foxing for the idle.

    Buy light with solar panel and PIR. Make sure its fully charged and attach to a tree in fox territory. Put bait under light. Put your kit on the back seat of your car and park in a position overlooking the bait.

    Charles checks out supper, on comes light good night Charles.

    For those who want an easy and comfortable life.

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    Grant, my neighbour here is seriously into his foxing.

    He has a trailcam wired up to a PIR and some transmitter which sends the pictures to his TV screen, similar sort of set up to a burglar alarm. Mad as a brush...

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Hi Brian. Spoke to a bloke who shot 6 this week. His method was to put some bait on the ground tie some fishing line to it and run it into his bedroom. When the line twitches he gets out of bed and shoots it. Excellent.

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    I just get on the phone to my local E.T. and get him to hover over my feilds in his flying saucer with the landing lights on and when foxy looks up....BANG!!

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