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Thread: Thanks North Yorkshire Police

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    Thanks North Yorkshire Police

    After finding my T8 was f**ked last week, i gave it to the RFD to be destroyed and needed a 1 for 1 variation. After dropping my variation and FAC off last Friday, i realised that i needed my FAC to pick up the new rifle shortly after Christmas. After a grovel on the phone to my FEO, i had a call today, a week later saying that they had done my variation and it was ready to pick up.

    A BIG thank you to NY FLD! (I did give the woman a bottle of wine to say thank you..)

    Im picking up the new rifle on boxing day! Now thats service, Steve Kershaw is working on the rifle today and tomorrow.. Hes a man of his word!

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    when i was in n yorks the firearms people where spot on and helping now i am under durham police i feel as if i moved to heaven.

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    Excellent, nice to see credit where credit is due!


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    They do seem to get things done when asked however they took boar of my ticket and would only reinstate it if i could prove i had a booking to go boar shooting in this country !

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    One must remember if you gift them something it has to be handed to the standards people and the person/people it was meant for never see as it's either destroyed (yeah right) or it will end up with some senior officer who probably deserves the boot rather than gifts of thanks.

    This little snippet came about on my last visit to the HQ at Nettleham when they finally managed to get the certificate varied and correct after some 3 1/2 months and several attempts. It was jokingly mentioned that the girls in the office like chocolates or flowers. I said no problem but was then informed that if any did come in they had to be sent over to the standards folks and would never be seen again as it was seen as a bribe.

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    Thought you could hand a T8 back to Jacksons if it was worn out for another at a much reduced price??

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    Quote Originally Posted by rooster View Post
    Thought you could hand a T8 back to Jacksons if it was worn out for another at a much reduced price??
    I did this but swapped it for a nth star.
    If i remember my t8 + 145 i think.

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    didnt know about the trade in! B**ger.. Also, i thought that the vino may be seen as a bribe, but thought that the girls in the office are civvys so are more likely to be allowed a tipple? They seemed very grateful!

    I didnt go for a T8 again but went for a JetZ

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    Ahhh yes but please remember that it was the Boss lady who told me so and as her lips were moving as she spoke it's entirely possible it was all lies. You know what they say .

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